Latin America MapI regularly write for Skyword’s Content Marketing Blog the Content Standard.

As I am the company’s Director of Brand Partnerships for the US Hispanic market and Latin America, my articles and interviews typically involve the those markets and topics that may be of interest to marketers wishing to reach that market effectively.

In the article 3 Timeless Rules for Reaching the US Hispanic Market and Latin America, I highlight three key elements that are essential to any marketer wishing to authentically engage the Hispanic audience.

These three elements may seem obvious at first glance but failing to follow these rules has meant the downfall of more than one marketing campaign. In fact, because they are so obvious, they become even more important as messing up on any one of them is a sure giveaway to the audience that the author of the content they are reading is “out of touch” with the Hispanic market.

That being said, here are the three tips for effectively reaching the US Hispanic and Latin America audience with your content.

1) Get the language right –
Spanish in Latin America varies from country to country and even between different regions within a country. In order to effectively reach the US Hispanic or Latin America audience, you need to make sure that the “flavor” of Spanish you are using is consistent and targeted to the region of the audience you are communicating with.

2) Bring out the best of the country and people you are targeting –
Hispanics are very proud of their countries, their people and their heritage. Make it a point to highlight the wonderful aspects of your target audience’s home.

3) Be aware that the northern and southern Hemispheres have opposite seasons –
Summer in Buenos Aires is the middle of Winter in the United States and vice versa. Furthermore, the seasons in the caribbean and in other areas around the equator hardly vary throughout the year. When creating content that involves a moment in time of the year and the seasons, make sure you are familiar with the weather patterns and that you are familiar with how the local audience in those countries will perceive the season. For example, in Brazil, it is very common to see Santa Claus on a surfboard or hanging at the beach. That’s just the way it is and a marketer creating Christmas content for Brazil better be aware of it.