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How Can George Levy Help You?


Here is a sample of the client testimonials and recommendations that George Levy has received for his services, read on to see how he has helped others achieve breakthrough results in their online and mobile business efforts.

“I hired George Levy as a consultant to help in the event and social media marketing strategy for andara.bi, a mobile business intelligence company. George delivered perfectly on the project and excelled on the results and online exposure for the company via the social media strategy he developed and executed. I am very pleased with George‚Äôs work and would recommend him if you are looking for online, social media and mobile marketing expertise.”
– Hector Rodriguez, Co-Founder andara.bi and CEO Tapp.in

“George’s style, multi-lingual abilities, and experience provided the sales department with a truly professional and refreshingly new marketing approach in the high-tech space that we were in.”
– Dan Jarosz, Director of Sales Bricsnet

“He is an online marketing savant, with excellent client management and business development skills that always put his customers first!”
– Jay Williams, Vice President, Global Partnerships, Sales and Business Development HSM

“George Levy is a great source of creative energy and extremely resourceful, and my clients love working with him.”
– Peter Walts, Founder and CEO, Centropy Group LLC

“George Levy is a digital marketing rock star.”
– Marie Roman, Manager for Sony Music recording artist “Alicastro”

“Simply put, hiring George Levy was one of THE best business decisions ever made for my career.”
– Diego Jinkus, Vice President MUCH (Musicians Creating Humanity)

“George’s vision of where the internet is going has always been ahead of his peers. He is a real visionary.”
– Gustavo Morles, Managing Director Habitat Consultants, Inc.

“George is a strategic and innovative thinker who is passionate about his work and constantly drives for business results.”
– Gabriel Dorta, Social Video Platform Lead Microsoft Corporation.

“George has a solid marketing mind.”
– David Contreras, Director, Small and Medium Business Segment Microsoft Corporation

“George was ahead of his time in the use of social media to foster a sense of community online.”
– Brandon Aday, Digital Marketing Strategist Aday Interactive, Inc.

“George Levy, is by far what Malcolm Gladwell refers to as a MAVEN and a CONNECTOR in his book The Tipping Point.”
– Patrick J Doliny, MBA, Ph.D(c), President & CEO of MCN Consulting Worldwide Operations.

About Levy
George Levy is an award-winning digital marketing and CRM expert with more than 15 years of experience creating and executing online and mobile strategies.
He is the former Vice President of Online Marketing for World Business Forum (WOBI) and a co-founding team member of Yupi.com, an Internet startup acquired by Microsoft Corporation to become what is now MSN Latino. Continue Reading ...

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