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Remarketing: What It Is and Why You Need to Do It.

“Remarketing”, also known as “retargeting”, boils down to showing your ads to people who have engaged with your brand already. Ever had that creepy “am I being followed” feeling? You may have noticed while browsing the web a strange feeling … Continue reading

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Site Retargeting and Search Retargeting – What’s the difference and does it matter?

Have you ever felt like you are being “followed around” by the same banner ads that display on every website you go? If you are not familiar with Retargeting, also known as Behavioral Retargeting or Remarketing, it is a display … Continue reading

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George Levy is an award-winning digital marketing and CRM expert with more than 15 years of experience creating and executing online and mobile strategies.
He is the former Vice President of Online Marketing for World Business Forum (WOBI) and a co-founding team member of Yupi.com, an Internet startup acquired by Microsoft Corporation to become what is now MSN Latino. Continue Reading ...

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