Last week, the World Innovation Forum was held in Leon Mexico. This two day event took place on May 23-24 and, as is expected from WOBI events worldwide, it had a lineup of some of the greatest minds in innovation.

Among the featured speakers was Clay Shirky, bestselling Author and Professor at New York University. Shirky is one of today’s most influential thinkers on how the internet is impacting the way the world works, and on his session at Leon, he spoke of what he calls the “Cognitive Surplus”.

The Cognitive Surplus as Shirky describes it, is the phenomenon of people increasingly learning how and using more constructively their free time, and applying it to creative and productive tasks. With the widespread use of the Internet and the ever increasing use of Social Media, this trend is growing exponentially as new forms of collaboration are being developed and becoming more mainstream.

In the video below, Clay Shirky explains Cognitive Surplus by using real-life examples and how they are benefiting mankind.

Clay Shirky will be speaking at the World Innovation Forum in New York City taking place on June 20-21.

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