Bloggers Hub World Business Forum 2010What is Live Blogging and Tweeting?

This is the process whereby Bloggers that are attending a live conference publish posts on their Blogs, Twitter and other social media accounts relaying what is happening during the event for the benefit of their readers and followers around the world who may not be attending.

Why Is Live Conference Blogging and Tweeting Important?

Live Blogging and Tweeting is beneficial to all the parties involved in the process.

  • For the Conference – Having Bloggers covering the event on their Blogs, Twitter streams and other social media raises awareness of the event and creates exposure to people who may not know of the event and could potentially be interested. Given the instant nature and global reach of the web combined with the trusted status that Bloggers typically have with their audiences, having a conference being  Blogged and Tweeted about is one of the most effective ways of driving awareness  (Note: Just make sure the event delivers on its promise with high quality and value. Bloggers are by nature typically very vocal individuals with their own thoughts, values and opinions and will freely express what they are experiencing – good or bad. Think of it as “keeping things real.”)
  • For Bloggers – Covering a live event provides an excellent opportunity to deliver high quality content to their audience.  If the Blogger does a good job of covering the event, many times the content will be shared by the audience with their friends and colleagues, delivering new readers and followers. If the event being covered is in a key area of expertise for the Blogger, this presents a great opportunity to inject personal opinions, expert views and thought leadership into the overall topic of the discussion.
  • For Non-Attendees – Live Blogging and Tweeting allows people who are not able to attend the event personally (whether for travel restrictions, financial, event dates or any other reason) to be part of the action and leave comments and Tweets around the topics covered and the action taking place at the event.

If you’re a Blogger, this is what you need to know…

Once you have determined that you will be Blogging and Tweeting live at an event (if you have been selected as an official event Blogger or have confirmed that you will Blog as an attendee) you will need to make sure that you have the following elements covered:

  • Determine what Blog, Twitter profile and social media accounts you will be posting to.
  • Find out if you will have web access, a comfortable place to blog at and power during the conference.
  • Establish where you will be seating and what device you will use while Blogging.  Check to see if there is a special area available for Bloggers where you can post away without being interrupted. Bright computer screens and clicking keyboards can be distracting to other audience members so try to avoid sitting right in front of the stage. Some Bloggers also like to post from their mobile devices such as their iPad or other tablets which are not as distracting to other audience members.
  • Find out the official Hashtag for the event. Hashtags are tags which begin with # followed by a term which allow for people to group Tweets around a topic. For example, the official Hashtag for World Business Forum 2011 is #WBF11. As a result, all Tweets relating to the event should contain #WIF11 somewhere. By doing this, someone who conducting a search for the term #WBF11 will be able to see all that is being posted around the event.

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