I have been working with the HSM global team to roll out Yammer for the entire organization.

If you are not familiar with Yammer, it is an enterprise online social network which allows members of an organization to communicate, collaborate and share internally in an easy and secure interface that looks and behaves very similar to Twitter and Facebook.

Because people in general are by now so used to navigating and using Twitter and Facebook, I am discovering that the adoption curve for Yammer is extremely high and that it spreads almost automatically as people simply “know how to do the Facebook thing” and share and invite their co-workers.

Given that HSM has assembled a brilliant team with star players all over the world, having Yammer available provides another powerful tool for great minds to unite and create. If you have any experience in the corporate world since the mid 1990’s – Yammer takes the concept of the “Intranet” and brings it to the Web 2.0 world simply and beautifully – making it a product perfectly designed for today’s web workforce.

Yammer is already being used by over 100,000 companies and organizations, including over 80 percent of the Fortune 500 as a way to increase collaboration, break silos, promote communication and help drive company culture.

Working regularly with a global, highly connected but geographically dispersed team at HSM, I am the first to admit that even with the best of my intentions to stay in touch- sometimes I have a hard time keeping my remote peers “top of mind” all the time. With Yammer, I now have the power to see a regular feed of “what’s going on across HSM” with all of my colleagues and keep everyone informed of the items I am working on.

From my initial experience using the platform and the fact that I am already including it as part of several regular workflows – I am finding an almost immediate increase in productivity since Yammer allows all related parties to see what each person is working on, allowing me to eliminate unnecessary duplication of efforts across several parts of each process. As the tool continues to spread across HSM worldwide, I expect to see this increase in productivity continue to rise.
If you are still not on Yammer, I encourage you to do so. Joining is very easy… Simply visit Yammer.com and enter your work email. If anyone with your company’s email domain is already on Yammer, you will be able to connect with them. Otherwise, you will be able to send invitations to other people in your organization as long as their email address is @ your same domain name (this is how Yammer is able to group and authenticate all the people in an organization.) After people receive the invitation, they can simply accept and Yammer takes care of the rest.

Yammer is secure and free to use for the entire company.  It also provides a powerful desktop application and a mobile App (available in iPhone, Android and Blackberry) so team members can remain connected and productive wherever they may be.

Personally, I am hooked on Yammer and I’m jammin’ away as we roll it out worldwide.

How about you? Is your organization already on Yammer?

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