My wife Yvonne and I manage an online group on Facebook called “I Love Being Happily Married.”

As I write this post, that group has 7,783 members worldwide who actively share their lives, views, photos and their ups and downs. They regularly post, sharing with one another, and my wife and I love being able to have created the space for that to happen.

We regularly publish to the group inspirational love quotes, we post articles, videos and photos related to happy marriages. We also occasionally ask questions to the whole group which spark discussions, all the while letting the group members “shape the conversation.”

ILBHM, as the page is known on Facebook by its members, has a life of its own well beyond Yvonne and me, and many of the page members actively share their own love quotes, wedding pictures and bits of advice of how they manage to stay “Happily Married” through both the good times and the bad times. (Many couples in the group have been happily married for more than fifty or sixty years.)

Jump back in time and if you look at the group wall and follow the time-line all the way to the beginning of the group, ILBHM began with a simple post at 8:42pm on Tuesday May 11, 2010 which read:

“If you are happily married – regardless of how long it has been – Join this group! Invite your happily married friends to join as well! :)”

One simple idea which Yvonne and I felt like sharing with the world and which we were able to do so through Facebook.

The next day, we posted an inspirational quote about happy marriages and 1 person liked it – a new person we had never met (Note: ILBHM had 4 members by that point, 2 of which were Yvonne and me.)

Wanting to keep the idea alive, the next day, we shared another love quote and this time 4 people liked it… The following day, we repeated the process.

Cut to today and thanks to Facebook and the web, that simple idea has become an active part of 7,783 lives worldwide and spreading daily.

Ahhh… I love my wife, I Love Being Happily Married and yes… In a totally different way, as I’m posting on my blog at 3:26am – I love the Web. 🙂


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