One of my favorite things about World Innovation Forum and World Business Forum is an annual tradition called the Bloggers Hub.

The Bloggers Hub is a gathering of top Bloggers from all over the world who get together at these events to cover the action live via their Blogs, Twitter and other social media.

Each event’s Bloggers Hub is different as there are different participants, and each Blogger brings his or her voice and opinion into the experience.

Following all the action in “the Hub” is like watching the event through multiple camera angles, each focusing on a different subject and drawing different conclusions. As each Blogger brings his or her background and intellect to what is presented he or she creates a whole new layer of learning and interpretation to the event. All of this learning and shared knowledge is made available for Free over the Internet and as such, people from all over the world get to participate and share their opinions on what is discussed.

The best way I can describe the act of collaborative creation that goes on is:

Each Blogger brings his or her unique Blog voice to the gig and Jams.

Being in the company of such brilliant individuals, many of them top experts in their respective areas is an amazing, growing experience which I look forward to in each of our events. Not to mention, I am proud to be able to call them my friends.

To see current listing of the featured Bloggers participating in the 2011 World Innovation Forum (June 7-8, 2011) and see what is going on, search and follow the Hashtag #WIF11 and visit the following link:

Below are photos of the members from last year’s two Bloggers Hubs.

World Innovation Forum 2010 at Nokia Theatre, now the Best Buy Theater, in New York City.

World Innovation Forum 2010 Bloggers Hub

World Business Forum 2010 at Radio City Music Hall.
Bloggers Hub at the World Business Forum 2010

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