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This Infographic  published by Mashable (an excellent source of info on Social Media) shows a wide sample of metrics across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other Location Based Services including Foursquare.

The sample shown puts in perspective how massively connected and engaged people truly are on Social Media.

As VP Online Marketing for HSMGlobal, I am responsible for promoting the World Business Forum, World Innovation Forum and other  events such as the Elite Leadership Program.

Analyzing the data presented – several metrics caught my attention:

  • $1.34Eventbrite Sales driven by a Facebook “Like” as opposed to $.80 for a Tweet
  • 35,000 – Number of Tweets with the #LS11 Hashtag for IBM’s Lotusphere Conference in January 2011.
  • 11%– The percentage of people who say they would buy something that was only offered to Facebook fans.

I found this Infographic particularly interesting as it his gave me additional info and perspective on how other companies promoting live events have been using Social Media for their marketing efforts, as well as the kinds of results they have gotten out of their efforts.


What about the 4 Billion thing in the subject line?

That’s the number of “things” shared on Facebook each day. Pretty massive don’t you think?

I encourage you to take a look at the Infographic and see what kind of insights you can extract for your own specific Online Marketing efforts.

To help drive your analysis, I’ve provided three questions below to help start the process…

Three Questions To Rock Your Mind:

  1. How active are you in Social Media online marketing?
  2. Are you actively measuring the results your are achieving on your Social Media efforts?
  3. Have you established a process or method to determine how your returns in Social Media metrics (Likes, Followers, Check-Ins) translates into Monetary ROI?



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