Grow Online FollowingHave you ever been in a party and for some unfortunate reason, you wind up getting stuck in a conversation with someone who won’t stop talking, not even to take a breath?

You know who I’m talking about… The party guest that will not give you any space in the conversation, just talking away as if their every word was pure gold, and not even letting you squeeze a word in.

Being the Obnoxious Party Guest on Social Media

For the purpose of this blog post, I’d like you to think of Social Media as a great big, global party with millions and millions of simultaneous conversations going on worldwide. There are lots and lots of people talking, some more interesting than others… Depending on how interesting a person is, the group that gathers around that person usually reflects the level of interest.

Having said that, I am often approached and hear the same question and description of the challenges companies experience when growing their profiles:

“How can I grow my followers? I’m already posting lots of valuable content to my followers and fans, but my various social profiles are hardly growing.”

As if merely posting lots of content would immediately grant you an audience or loyal following…

Content is King… But only in moderation.

Posting tons of content without stopping, asking around for other opinions and replying when spoken to is the equivalent of being that obnoxious party guest who won’t stop talking about him or herself.

There is a common misconception on the web that the secret to get a big following is to publish tons and tons of valuable content.

While I absolutely agree that publishing lots of quality content will definitely help in establishing your social media profiles as a valuable source of important information – there is also the need for social media profiles to “listen” to their audiences and respond when they are spoken to.

In today’s world, there is a certain level of “being social” that is expected out of all brands with an active social media presence, and it is this constant “talking at the audience” and lack of “listening” that is sometimes the reason why companies see their social media profiles sit around with barely any growth.

Stop, Listen and Reply When You Are Spoken To.

If you are trying to grow your following on Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media channel – do yourself a favor and stop to take breath every once in a while…

“Listen” to what your audience is saying, and respond when you are spoken to. In fact, go one further and proactively ask your followers for their opinion. Being truly social shows them that you care… and if they see that you care, they’ll be far more likely to trust you, do business with you and recommend you to their friends.

Do you currently listen to your audience? What is your experience with engaging your followers in conversation?

Post a comment below, I’d love to know and will definitely respond…