Klout, the online influence measuring service has announced that it has added Foursquare to the selection of social media platforms which it tracks to measure a person’s influence in addition to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Registered Klout users can now link their Foursquare profile to their Klout account and possibly gain additional Klout Score from their Check-ins, Mayorships earned, people who follow them and other Foursquare related actions such as leaving Tips.

If you are not familiar with Klout, it is an online service which measures a person’s online networks and ability to influence other people in their different networks to take specific actions.

Everyone has a Klout score and it is determined by the service based on the following three factors:

* How many people you influence (True Reach)
* How much you influence them (Amplification)
* How influential they are (Network Score)

To find out your Klout score and get a full description of what the Klout Score is as well as what “Measuring Online Influence” consists of visit Klout.com

Note: If you are already registered on Klout and added your Foursquare account –  Klout does not compute scores immediately after people perform actions and the service can sometimes take up to 72 hours to reflect updates.

As such, don’t worry if your score doesn’t go up immediately after adding your Foursquare…

Good luck and get used to checking in to increase your K score!