New Tampa, Florida-based startup Unthink wants to become everything that Facebook and rival Google+ are not.

“If we want to be free, we have to control our own communications…we have to claim that power,” Unthink CEO Natasha Dedis states. “The number one thing that had to be ‘un-thought’ about social media, is who does it belong to? We need to own everything that we put on our page. We can be as private or as public as we want, as long as it’s our choice.”

Unthink’s Inverted Advertising Model: Users choose a Corporate Sponsor

Unthink presents an innovative advertising model where user data is never sold to brands. Instead, users choose a brand to sponsor their page, by way of an ad dubbed “iEndorse.”

The ad model is described on Technology Media Publication Techcrunch as follows:

“The idea is that a user will select a brand they feel some affinity with, and will then become an advocate for that brand. Users who don’t want to select a brand have the option to pay for the service instead ($2/year).” (Complete Technorati Article at this Link)

Unthink puts a different spin on Social Networking from the Facebook and Google+ models we have gotten used to but…

Is there still room (or time) for yet another Social Network when the market is already so crowded?

What do you think? Are you thinking of opening your own page on Unthink?

Previously available as an invite-only Beta test, Unthink is now open and accepting new members at

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Upstart Unthink wants to become the new anti-Facebook