Look around and it’s clear to see that Social Media marketing is all the rage.

Everywhere you look, companies are asking you to “Follow them on Twitter”, “Find them on Facebook”, “View their videos on YouTube”, “Check in on Foursquare” – the list goes on and keeps growing as newer Social Media options become available (be on the lookout for when Google + launches its product pages.)

One of the industries that is heavily leveraging and benefiting from Social Media is Airlines.

In this Infographic published by Mashable, we see how six major airlines are using Social Media to further engage, and in many occasions further monetize, their customers.

Three Questions to Consider:

1- How are you using Social Media to build a closer relationship with your customers?

2- Could your business benefit from your audience “Checking In” at your business using a location service such as Foursquare?

3- Do you currently offer your customers the option to “Follow” you on Social Media? Do you publish that option in all your offline marketing materials?


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