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Secure WordPress SiteThere is currently a hacker “Brute Force” password attack going on against WordPress sites all across the web (click here for more details). To protect yourself and your websites, here’s are three tips to achieve a more secure WordPress site from these attacks.

What is a Brute-Force password attack?

In this Brute-Force password attack, armies of “zombie” PCs which have been infected with malware are attacking thousands websites worldwide as they look for vulnerabilities and try to crack the password of a site. Once the site is breached, the hackers can mutilate the site or insert additional malware codes which would effectively “infect” the website, and further spread the attack.

As I wrote on the Blockchain Institute of Technology, article “The Internet broke… Blockchain will fix it.“, the Internet is highly vulnerable to these types of attacks. The Internet, as it currently exists, is not prepared to handle the needs it is being asked to support.

Why WordPress?

Simple – 48% of the world’s top blogs and 15% of the world’s top traffic websites run on WordPress. The footprint of WordPress globally is simply massive…

Add to that huge number, the fact that the default username for administrators on WordPress is usually “Admin” and that most people use that username for their main administrator account.

What you get is a perfect recipe for a Hacker vulnerability… In this case, a hacker simply has to figure out what is the password for the website, since the username will most probably be Admin.

Given that computers don’t get tired of running a process and can spend hours trying random combinations, it simply becomes a matter of unleashing thousands of automated robots to seek out websites running WordPress and then trying to crack the password for a website by entering Username “Admin” and multiple variations of the password.

What can you do about it?

Here Are 3 Tips You Can Use Right Now for a More Secure WordPress Site:

1) Use a strong password.

Many people have very easy to guess passwords such as “123456”, “password” and “welcome”

Opt to have a hard to crack strong password that consists of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

I published a previous blog post with a video on how to create a strong password (That’s easy to remember)

2) Use a different administrator username from “Admin”.

Note: This is not as easy as simply logging in and changing a username, since current versions of WordPress do not allow users to change a username once it’s been set. Your only option is to create another administrator account with a different name, and then delete the original Admin. You’ll have to assign all the posts from the old “Admin” to your new administrator account.

Here is information on how to change your WordPress User Admin Name.

BTW, I don’t use username Admin in my WordPress sites, and I ensure that all of AmiJoy’s web development services clients are all protected with highly secure usernames and passwords as part of our web development offerings. In other words, every website we develop is set up to be secure against these kinds of attacks.

3) Make Sure to Update Your WordPress Version

WordPress regularly posts updates to their software. Many of the reasons behind these updates are to address security vulnerabilities and close “loop holes” that may pose a risk to WordPress sites. Make sure that your site is running the most recent version of WordPress.

If you’re currently running WordPress and are using Admin as your username and not using a strong password combination, I highly recommend that you follow these instructions and secure your sites from this hack attack.

Mundial Sports Network Digital Content NewFront


Mundial Sports NetworkI will be in New York City on May 2nd for a special Digital Content NewFront hosted by Mundial Sports Network.

The event is being held at the new and state-of-the-art Nevada Smiths sports bar located at 100 3rd avenue and 13th street in NYC.

Some of the new offerings being revealed at the Digital Content NewFront include a diverse lineup of original video and digital audio programming targeting US Hispanic sports fans.

Here’s a small sample of what you can expect to see…

These exclusive series feature the best of Mundial’s award-winning editorial sports coverage; and also provide advertisers with unique content marketing and branded content opportunities to reach millions of engaged Latino sports fans.

Additionally, Mundial Sports Network will present its completely transformed and mobile optimized digital presence for http://FutbolMundial.net -a total digital transformation I am actively leading.

If you are not familiar with Mundial Sports Network, it is the #1 sports network reaching US Hispanics online, as certified by comScore.*

I am currently advising Mundial Sports Network on their digital strategy, and actively involved in a complete transformation of the company’s digital presence.

Among the projects I am working on beyond the total redesign of their Futbol Mundial website, is a new mobile optimized user experience, a brand new Latino sports Spanish talk channel on iHeart Radio (the first channel of its kind), and new online video and audio podcasts – all which will be unveiled at the May 2nd event in New York City.

Attend in Person

To RSVP for the event in person, please contact Selena Di Iorio at 212-213-1400, or rsvp@mundialgroup.net

Follow and Engage on Social Media

I am heading the entire digital outreach of the event, and it will be covered on Social Media on their Futbol Mundial Facebook fan page, and on Twitter using hashtag #MundialSports

For more detailed information, the following is a direct link to an official press release for the event published on HispanicBusiness.com:


Hope to see you there and make sure you RSVP soon as space is limited, and it is getting full already!


* According to Mundial Sports Network’s custom-defined ranking based on comScore data.



Sales Metrics

Much has been written about sales and how to track and improve sales performance.

Having worked with sales processes in numerous industries both offline and online, I’ve found that all sales processes can be measured and improved upon by using 4 metrics.

The only 4 sales metrics you should really track and focus on improving:

  • Traffic or number of prospects you are reaching.
  • Conversions or how many of those prospects become customers.
  • How much you are selling to each of your customers.
  • The number of transactions you are generating per customer.

These same 4 sales metrics apply to any business whether offline, online or mobile.


As I do each week, I review hundreds of links from which to select which content to share on Breakthrough Digital Marketing and the George Levy Twitter profile.

This week I am using a new content curation top performing post report available from Snapshot Social Media which automated the entire process of tracking and selecting the best performers.

Here are the ten best performing links for January 28th – February 1st, 2013 according to the most shares, favorites and comments from the Breakthrough Digital Marketing Community:


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