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?????I had the distinct pleasure to moderate the HSM Online Seminar “Winning Through Focus: A Blueprint for Driving Profitable Growth” featuring Sanjay Khosla, President of Developing Markets at Kraft Foods.

Winning Through Focus is a strategy he co-developed and which was featured in a Strategy+Business article in August  2010 which he co-wrote with Mohanbir Sawhney

During the 60 minute online event, Sanjay explained the seven step methodology he used to transform the Kraft Foods Developing Markets Business from an underperformer into a $14 Billion a year juggernaut in only 3 years. As a result, Kraft Foods’ developing markets business is the growth engine for the company.

The seven steps of Winning Through Focus are:

  1. Discovery: Find Out What Works
    2. Strategy: Focus Through Lenses
    3. Vision: Find a Simple Hook
    4. People: Unleash the Potential
    5. Execution: Clarify and Delegate
    6. Organizations: Build Collaborative Networks
    7. Metrics: Manage Numbers and Tell Stories

In this complimentary HSM Online Seminar, now available for On Demand viewing at this link, Sanjay Khosla goes in-depth into each of the 7 steps of “Winning Through Focus.” After finishing his presentation, there is a 30 minute Q&A session where Sanjay answers questions from the global audience ranging from how he delivered his outstanding results in China and how he has leveraged Social Media in his efforts, to how he handled the global economic downturn and how to build high performing teams.

Sanjay also shared many of the valuable lessons he has learned, including the wisdom he has gathered from mistakes he has made over the years.

If you have not yet done so, I highly recommend that you register and view this On Demand webinar when you have 60 minutes available to invest in learning. It’ll definitely be an hour well spent.

Receive complimentary registration at the following link:


Sanjay Khosla


Winning Through Focus:
A Blueprint for Driving Profitable Growth

Featuring Sanjay Khosla
Date: Tuesday May 3rd, 2011
Time: 1:00-2:00 pm Eastern Time
Where: Your Computer
Duration: 60 Minutes
Fee: Complimentary

I will be moderating the HSM Online Seminar “Winning Through Focus: A Blueprint for Driving Profitable Growth” featuring Sanjay Khosla which will take place on Tuesday May 3rd at 1pm Eastern Standard Time.

Register for free at this link.

Sanjay Khosla is the President of Developing Markets at Kraft Foods and oversees Kraft Foods’ nearly $14 billion developing markets business – which includes Asia Pacific, Latin America and Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

He looks after more than 60,000 employees with operations in more than 60 countries and more than 100 brands including global icons, such as Cadbury, Halls, Jacobs, Lacta, Milka, Oreo, Tang and Trident.

With more than 30 years of international business experience and a clear strategy of “Winning through Focus,” Sanjay turned around this important Kraft business in just three years — catapulting it to top-tier performance.  As a result, Kraft Foods’ developing markets business is the growth engine for the company.

For the past 10 years, Sanjay has been obsessed with the idea of Winning through Focus… a model that he co-developed that can be applied regardless of industry or geography or function.

In the online seminar, Sanjay will walk through his 7-step model for Winning Through Focus, which was published in Strategy+Business last year.

Topics Covered Include:

– Winning Through Focus: The 7 steps to Winning.

– Client Obsession: the engine behind Sustainable Growth

– Rethink Emerging Markets, Reinvent the Strategy.

I will be moderating the sessions including an extensive Q&A session with Sanjay.

I hope you will be able to join me at this Online Seminar and I look forward to seeing your questions.

Registration for this HSM Online Seminar is complimentary when you register using the following link:


Blog MicrophoneTen Helpful Tips for Effective Live Conference Blogging and Tweeting


    1. Tell your audience and followers that you will be covering the event live and when you will be posting. Do this step as early as possible as it will help ensure that your readers know when to follow you and that you will be posting fresh, interesting and regularly updated content.
    2. Review the event schedule ahead of time and determine which are the key sessions you plan to cover. Not all the content in the event will be relevant to your readers and you want to make sure you are prepared and available during the most important sessions. Prepare a list of the speakers names and topics and see if you can get photos of the speakers. By having these materials ready, you will be able to easily “copy and paste” these elements into your posts saving you important time when you are posting live.
    3. Don’t limit yourself to just your Blog and Twitter. Share on your Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr and other social media accounts if you believe it’s valuable. Some things such as photos, videos and certain links lend themselves well to other social media, share your Blog voice and live event experience where you think it will resonate best.
    4. Write Blog posts outside of your Blog on a notepad or text document then copy and paste them in. If you simply must write directly into your Blog, remember to save as “Draft” often. There are few things worse than writing a masterpiece and then having your computer crash and lose it all.
    5. Give your readers the full picture. When writing about a session on your blog, always keep in mind that your audience is not present. As such, describe any physical or visual elements that may be important to relay what is really going on in the session.
    6. Include the event Hashtag in your posts. This is especially important if your Blog is connected to your Twitter account as it will automatically signal to your Twitter followers that you have published something new and interesting related to that conference.
    7. Use Social Media Management Tools. There are a multitude of Social Media Management Tools that can help you follow and write to multiple Blogs and Twitter streams from one location. My personal favorite is HootSuite. Other popular tools include Seesmic and TweetDeck while some Bloggers focus on posting to Twitter and use TweetChat and Twitterfall.
    8. Blog only what is interesting and important to you and your audience. Live Blogging and Tweeting of an event does not mean you have to write about and cover everything that happens at the event. If something looks boring to you, odds are what you write about that part will come across as boring to your audience as well. Don’t just say every little thing that is happening like a sports broadcast, deliver focused and summarized quality content. Highlights, quotes, key thoughts, case study information and important links. Think that part of your contribution is separating the wheat from the chaff.
    9. Share posting and Tweeting duties with other Bloggers. If there are other Bloggers covering the event live, share the responsibilities and the work load between you. Blogging is by its nature a community effort and by sharing and communicating with your Bloggers you will not only be able to focus and deliver better posts, but you will make the overall Blogging experience around the event better and more valuable while avoiding constant repetition of the same angles and points.
    10. Take on and absorb the full event. Don’t limit yourself to covering what is happening on stage during the sessions. If you are too focused on just covering live what is going on in the sessions, you’ll miss all the wonderful and interesting things going on around you at the live event beyond the stage. Take advantage of the whole event experience and use the opportunity to meet other people, attend side panels, go out for a beer and a bite post event, use the coffee breaks and interview other attendees and get their views. This is one of the most valuable aspects of the live event experience… And after taking it all in, if you think it adds value to your audience, share that as well via your Blog, Twitter and other social media.



I hope these ten tips will be helpful as you prepare for live Blogging and Tweeting.

Want to know more about Live Conference Blogging and Tweeting? Check out my Blog post Live Conference Blogging and Tweeting 101


Are there any other tips and best practices you can share which may be beneficial to others who may be Live Blogging and Tweeting?

Bloggers Hub World Business Forum 2010What is Live Blogging and Tweeting?

This is the process whereby Bloggers that are attending a live conference publish posts on their Blogs, Twitter and other social media accounts relaying what is happening during the event for the benefit of their readers and followers around the world who may not be attending.

Why Is Live Conference Blogging and Tweeting Important?

Live Blogging and Tweeting is beneficial to all the parties involved in the process.

  • For the Conference – Having Bloggers covering the event on their Blogs, Twitter streams and other social media raises awareness of the event and creates exposure to people who may not know of the event and could potentially be interested. Given the instant nature and global reach of the web combined with the trusted status that Bloggers typically have with their audiences, having a conference being  Blogged and Tweeted about is one of the most effective ways of driving awareness  (Note: Just make sure the event delivers on its promise with high quality and value. Bloggers are by nature typically very vocal individuals with their own thoughts, values and opinions and will freely express what they are experiencing – good or bad. Think of it as “keeping things real.”)
  • For Bloggers – Covering a live event provides an excellent opportunity to deliver high quality content to their audience.  If the Blogger does a good job of covering the event, many times the content will be shared by the audience with their friends and colleagues, delivering new readers and followers. If the event being covered is in a key area of expertise for the Blogger, this presents a great opportunity to inject personal opinions, expert views and thought leadership into the overall topic of the discussion.
  • For Non-Attendees – Live Blogging and Tweeting allows people who are not able to attend the event personally (whether for travel restrictions, financial, event dates or any other reason) to be part of the action and leave comments and Tweets around the topics covered and the action taking place at the event.

If you’re a Blogger, this is what you need to know…

Once you have determined that you will be Blogging and Tweeting live at an event (if you have been selected as an official event Blogger or have confirmed that you will Blog as an attendee) you will need to make sure that you have the following elements covered:

  • Determine what Blog, Twitter profile and social media accounts you will be posting to.
  • Find out if you will have web access, a comfortable place to blog at and power during the conference.
  • Establish where you will be seating and what device you will use while Blogging.  Check to see if there is a special area available for Bloggers where you can post away without being interrupted. Bright computer screens and clicking keyboards can be distracting to other audience members so try to avoid sitting right in front of the stage. Some Bloggers also like to post from their mobile devices such as their iPad or other tablets which are not as distracting to other audience members.
  • Find out the official Hashtag for the event. Hashtags are tags which begin with # followed by a term which allow for people to group Tweets around a topic. For example, the official Hashtag for World Business Forum 2011 is #WBF11. As a result, all Tweets relating to the event should contain #WIF11 somewhere. By doing this, someone who conducting a search for the term #WBF11 will be able to see all that is being posted around the event.

Planning on Live Blogging a conference? Check out my post Ten Helpful Tips for Effective Live Conference Blogging and Tweeting.




If you have wanted to be part of World Innovation Forum 2011 but perhaps you could not make it to New York City, could not afford the full live ticket rate or simply the June 7-8 dates did not work for you, now there is an alternative.

HSM has partnered with INXPO to deliver the event via web using INXPO’s VX Virtual Events Platform (view full press release at this link)

Interested participants will be able to view the event presentations both live while it is taking place on June 7-8 at Best Buy Theater in New York City, and recorded post-event for On Demand viewing a full 30 days after the event (full details of the World Innovation Forum 2011 Webcast at this link)

This option of being able to view the event “On Demand” after it has taken place has many benefits. For starters, there is no need to take two full days off to catch every presentation. Because all the presentations are available On Demand, registered webcast attendees will be able to view all the action in smaller pieces which they can play and replay as desired to fit their schedule.

The World Innovation Forum 2011 Webcast is available until May 31st at an early bird registration rate of only $249 ($100 off the full Webcast registration price) at the following link:



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