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NBA Virtual Reality Broadcasts Powered by NextVRThe NBA has taken a bold new step in bringing more of the live game/courtside experience to their global audience, all through the use of Virtual Reality Broadcasts.

The league announced on Thursday, October 20th that it will begin broadcasting one game a week during their 2016-2017 season in Virtual Reality as part of its NBA League Pass.

What makes this new move particularly exciting is that beyond bringing more of the the Live Game/Courtside experience to people who may not physically be able to attend the games in person, virtual reality broadcasts open up a whole new range of opportunities to incorporate brands into the game.

The Perfect Marketing Vehicle

According to the NBA, the planned Virtual Reality Broadcasts, done in partnership with NextVR, “will be fully produced with dedicated announcers, multiple unmanned camera angles and optimized graphics. Game breaks will be filled with in-venue entertainment, behind-the-scenes footage from the arena and VR-specific commentary.”

All of these new features present fresh new opportunities for advertisers to market within the new virtual world.

Virtual Reality Broadcasts = Captive Audience

Virtual Reality Broadcasts, by their very nature, present the ultimate vehicle for digital marketing. With all the opportunities for advertisement already being used in sports marketing, this new VR offering presents a great option to expand campaigns into whole new areas of engagement.

NBA Virtual Reality Broadcasts Powered by NextVR

Key reasons are that Virtual Reality broadcasts not only guarantee that advertisers have a captive audience throughout the entire experience – they also open up a wide range of new ways to engage the individual viewer. Sights, sounds, “atmospheres” and even how the overall landscape reacts and changes based on the motion of the VR viewer are all available. This presents a whole new palette of creative options, which innovative advertisers can leverage to make sure their ads differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack, have bigger impact and become truly memorable.

Virtual Reality Campaigns Done Right

To complement this blog post, I’d like to share with you a great video from Virtual Reality developers MBryonic showing 10 awesome examples of VR marketing campaigns.

Get a Free Preview

The first VR game will be available for free – as part of the NBA LEAGUE PASS free trial period – on Thursday October 27, 2016 when the Sacramento Kings host the San Antonio Spurs at the Golden 1 Center. The full schedule will be announced later this month.

Fans with a Samsung Gear VR headset and a compatible Samsung smartphone can experience the free preview by accessing the NBA Channel within the NextVR app. Later this season, the offering will be expanded to support additional VR headset options.

For more detailed instructions, go to http://www.NextVR.com/GetVR

Concluding Thoughts

As a digital marketer always looking for an edge in my marketing campaigns, I see VR as a great new addition to my arsenal and fully expect to implement Virtual Reality elements in future campaigns.

Although I admit that the mass market adoption of VR headsets is still in its early days and that the target audience for Virtual Reality is still very niche, I fully expect to see more and more brands jumping on the Virtual Reality train in 2017 and beyond.

What do YOU think? Are you planning or perhaps already using Virtual Reality in your marketing campaigns? Have you seen any VR marketing executions that blew your mind? I’d love to hear all about them in the comments!

Drink an Ad?Coca Cola has created for their Coke Zero drink what can only be described as the first ever drinkable ad.

This cross media advertising campaign strives to answer the fact that you can see an ad and hear an ad, but until now you couldn’t “taste” an ad.

The execution of this campaign takes advantage of multiple technologies to tie together a seamless experience that takes the Coke Zero brand from merely bits and bites of digital information delivered via screens and sound systems, to actual Coke Zero beverage in customer’s hands.

Regardless of whether you are a soda fan or not, you have to admit – this is some amazing digital marketing magic.

Check it out in the video below:

George Levy - Top Panregional Marketing and Media Professional

George Levy – Top Panregional Marketing and Media Professional

Thank you for all the support and votes for my nomination as Top Panregional Marketing and Media Professional by Portada, the leading Source on Latin Marketing and Media. I am proud to say that I won the award.

Portada Latam Advertising and Media AwardsPortada, the leading source of news and analysis on the Latin Marketing and Media space, is hosting the Latam Advertising and Media Awards at the 7th Annual Latam Advertising and Media Summit taking place in Miami on June 3-4, 2015.

These awards rely on voting from the community, meaning that the public decides who is selected.

I am very happy and proud to have been nominated for the category of:
Top Panregional Marketing and Media Professional

To all the readers of Breakthrough Digital Marketing and my posts on The Content Standard blog, thank you very much for following my work and for the Portada nomination.

Given that the recipients of the Portada Latam Advertising and Media Awards are selected based upon the number of votes received per nominee, you can help me by voting (I would be very grateful if you did!)

Voting goes through Friday May 8th, 2015.

Click here to vote, and please select:

Your Vote: George Levy
Category: Top Panregional Marketing and Media Professional

Thank you very much for being a reader of Breakthrough Digital Marketing, for your continued support and your vote!

Latin America MapI regularly write for Skyword’s Content Marketing Blog the Content Standard.

As I am the company’s Director of Brand Partnerships for the US Hispanic market and Latin America, my articles and interviews typically involve the those markets and topics that may be of interest to marketers wishing to reach that market effectively.

In the article 3 Timeless Rules for Reaching the US Hispanic Market and Latin America, I highlight three key elements that are essential to any marketer wishing to authentically engage the Hispanic audience.

These three elements may seem obvious at first glance but failing to follow these rules has meant the downfall of more than one marketing campaign. In fact, because they are so obvious, they become even more important as messing up on any one of them is a sure giveaway to the audience that the author of the content they are reading is “out of touch” with the Hispanic market.

That being said, here are the three tips for effectively reaching the US Hispanic and Latin America audience with your content.

1) Get the language right –
Spanish in Latin America varies from country to country and even between different regions within a country. In order to effectively reach the US Hispanic or Latin America audience, you need to make sure that the “flavor” of Spanish you are using is consistent and targeted to the region of the audience you are communicating with.

2) Bring out the best of the country and people you are targeting –
Hispanics are very proud of their countries, their people and their heritage. Make it a point to highlight the wonderful aspects of your target audience’s home.

3) Be aware that the northern and southern Hemispheres have opposite seasons –
Summer in Buenos Aires is the middle of Winter in the United States and vice versa. Furthermore, the seasons in the caribbean and in other areas around the equator hardly vary throughout the year. When creating content that involves a moment in time of the year and the seasons, make sure you are familiar with the weather patterns and that you are familiar with how the local audience in those countries will perceive the season. For example, in Brazil, it is very common to see Santa Claus on a surfboard or hanging at the beach. That’s just the way it is and a marketer creating Christmas content for Brazil better be aware of it.

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