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Making Great People Decisions

Speaker: Claudio Fernández–Aráoz
When: Tuesday June 28, 2011
Time: 1:00–2:00 pm Eastern Time
Early Entrance Time: 15 min early. Attendees can access at 12:45 p.m. ET
Where: Your Computer
Fee: Complimentary

Join me for the following HSM Online Seminar taking place on Tuesday June 28th. We will discuss how to make great people decisions: Why they matter so much, why they are so hard, and how you can master them with renowned executive recruiter Claudio Fernández-Aráoz. Claudio is a World Business Forum 2011 featured speaker, Egon Zehnder International‘s founding leader of the firm’s Management Appraisal practice and leader of Professional Development globally. We will also be live chatting on Twitter using the Hashtag #HSMWEB

Event Overview:

Claudio Fernández-Aráoz is a top global expert on hiring and promotion decisions, repeatedly chosen by Business Week as one of the most influential search consultants in the world. A senior adviser of the leading executive search firm Egon Zehnder International, he has been a member of its global executive committee for over ten years, having also led globally the firm’s management appraisal practice, its professional development, and the development of its intellectual capital. A frequent author at Harvard Business Review, his highly acclaimed book “Great People Decisions: Why They Matter So Much, Why They are So Hard, and How You Can Master Them” has been rapidly adopted by many major organizations and incorporated into the curriculum of several of the world’s leading business schools. With a unique global exposure, his advice has been sought by the CEOs of several of the largest companies on earth in the Americas, Asia and Europe, as well as by some of the most progressive civil services and governments in the world.

What you will learn:

Making great people decisions is a critically important element for our career success. Once we become managers everything we do will depend on the people we’ve chosen: Our results, our performance, our risks, our chances of being promoted. In an increasingly turbulent environment, the skills needed may change dramatically while the frequency and urgency of critical decisions sharply increases. Turbulent environments represent a unique opportunity for investing in the right talent. In a troubled environment, some exceptional talents may become available.

  • Why selecting the right people is at least as important as selecting the right strategy
  • What are the characteristics of a “winner” and how to recognize them
  • What makes people decisions so hard and how you can master them
  • Why making great people decisions is the most controllable factor in the success of an organization

Making Great People Decisions

Speaker: Claudio Fernández–Aráoz
When: Tuesday June 28, 2011
Time: 1:00–2:00 pm Eastern Time
Early Entrance Time: 15 min early. Attendees can access at 12:45 p.m. ET
Where: Your Computer
Fee: Complimentary

I had the pleasure yesterday to present an HSM Online Seminar with World Business Forum 2011 speaker Tamara Erickson titled “Managing Across Generations.”

If you are not familiar with Tamara Erickson, she is a McKinsey Award-winning author, publishes a blog named “Across the Ages” on the Harvard Press site and is well respected on her expertise on collaboration and innovation.

She is the author of multiple books including:

What’s Next, Gen X?: Keeping Up, Moving Ahead, and Getting the Career You Want

Retire Retirement: Career Strategies for the Boomer Generation

Plugged In: The Generation Y Guide to Thriving at Work

Workforce Crisis: How to Beat the Coming Shortage of Skills And Talent

Third Generation R & D: Managing the Link to Corporate Strategy

I found this webinar particularly fascinating as it goes in-depth into the mindset and world views of each generation as shaped by the experiences which defined their upbringing.

Tamara does a great job in framing the world as seen through various generations and how those multiple views affect each generation’s opinions and behaviors.

For example, Baby Boomers (born 1946-1960) were influenced by Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement, the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and other leaders. There were also many, many teenagers (lots of babies born, hence the “Baby Boom” term.) Because of these factors, Baby Boomers learned to be highly competitive (lots of people, not enough opportunities) and hard working (have to outperform others to stay ahead.)

Move ahead to Generation X (born 1961-1979) [my generation] and our upbringing was shaped by a troubled economy with widespread layoffs and rising divorce rates. Gen X also saw many women entering the workforce leaving their children to take care of themselves at home (so-called “Latchkey Kids”)

Tamara goes on to explain that these and other events going on in the world steered Gen X to be more self reliant and untrusting of institutions.

She goes on to explain how Generation Y (born 1980-1995) shared experiences including global Terrorism with 911, Oklahoma City Bombing and school violence Columbine along with a high performing economy and bull market shaped their personalities and behaviors.

These are just some of the details explained in the online seminar as shaping each generation’s world views or “generational lenses” as Tamara calls them.
I found the online seminar invaluable and highly recommend it to anyone interested in understanding why different age groups think and react the way they do.

If you are not yet registered, you can sign up for free to view online by clicking here or visiting the following link:



Music video by Limp Bizkit performing My Generation. (C) 2000 Flip/Interscope Records

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Join me on Thursday June 16th at 1pm Eastern for an HSM Online Seminar with World Business Forum 2011 speaker Tamara Erickson.  Dealing with generational issues in the workplace and how to most effectively engage different groups, Tamara Erickson helps build and manage successful, innovative organizations. Learn how to get ready for the future of the work and how to navigate a multigenerational workplace


Managing Across Generations
Speaker: Tamara Erickson
When: Thursday June 16, 2011
Time: 1:00–2:00 pm Eastern Time
Early Entrance Time: 15 min early. Attendees can access at 12:45 p.m. ET
Where: Your Computer
Fee: Complimentary


Already registered to another HSM Online Seminar? Click Here!


Dealing with generational issues in the workplace and how to most effectively engage different groups, Tamara Erickson helps build and manage successful, innovative organizations. Combining an undergraduate degree in Biological Science from the University of Chicago with an MBA from Harvard, she offers a humane perspective on modern management. She explores the fundamental differences between generations in today’s workforce and the specific changes and challenges this presents. Erickson’s most recent research, in collaboration with the London Business School, investigates how teams work within multinationals. This work has been recognized as the most extensive academically–grounded study of industry–based teamwork ever. Erickson has also co–authored four publications in the Harvard Business Review, and discusses these themes weekly in her blog on the Harvard Press site entitled “Across the Ages”. A McKinsey Award–winning author, she is well respected for her expertise in collaboration and innovation.

What you will learn:

Three generations are working together in today’s workplace – characterized as Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y, each bringing different experiences and assumptions to the job. As the talent shortage grows, it’s increasingly important to create a culture that is welcoming and engaging for talented individuals of all ages. Tamara Erickson will help you understand the underlying evolution of the assumptions each generation brings to work.

• Getting ready for the future of the work: navigating a multigenerational workplace
• Dealing with different experiences, different assumptions and different expectations
• How to create a culture that fosters and engages talented individuals of all ages
• Achieving extraordinary levels of engagement: there is no single best practice –communicate, collaborate, connect, make sense
• Managing tomorrow’s people: moving towards an open, social and collaborative workplace

I just got back home from a 2 day meeting (June 9-10) in Fort Lauderdale with the global heads of Online Education at Laureate International Universities. Laureate is a key partner for HSM and a sponsor of World Innovation Forum, World Business Forum and HSM Online Seminars.

If you are not familiar with Laureate International Universities they are the parent company of Walden University and it is a network of more than 55 accredited campus-based and online universities offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs to more than 600,000 students around the world.

During the 2 day meeting, I had the opportunity to work with a brilliant group of educators and staff members as we discussed the latest technology and methodology for delivering effective online education via the web.

In preparation for the summit, I did extensive research on the topic of Online Education (Beyond just Laureate and Walden University, to include other players such as University of Phoenix, Kaplan, London School of Business and Finance and others.)

Having spent the two days with the global online team from Laureate, I had an opportunity to see how the offline (on ground/campus) experience has been adapted and optimized to fully take advantage of the benefits of online around the world.

Attention has been paid to every element of college life ranging from the actual courses to other aspects including student networking, student services, registration and financial aid assistance, job placement and more.

If you have been contemplating pursuing an online degree, Walden University has created a special offer with HSM that may be of interest to you.

I also invite you to view the Infographic below and visit OnlineEducation.net for an in-depth overview of online education.

And in the tradition of Wanted Dead or Online, there’s a great ROCK song below the Infographic that will “melt your face off!” \m/

(Click on Image for Larger Version)

Source: Online Education

World Innovation Forum 2011 is taking place next week on June 7-8 at the Best Buy Theater in New York City and the entire HSM team is working around the clock making sure we put on an amazing event.

As I type, I’m taking a quick break away from last minute preparations to publish this blog post. With an event the size of WIF11 (around 900 attendees) – there are many moving parts and individual elements which need to be work in perfect harmony for the live event to be a success.

Many of these components take place behind the scenes (cameras, speaker entries and exits, backstage interviews, video content on monitors, etc.)

For instance, at this moment I am actively working on customizing the virtual auditorium for the World Innovation Forum 2011 Webcast which will effectively open up the 900 people event to a worldwide audience who would otherwise not be able to participate due to travel constraints, budget or even scheduling conflicts (the Webcast is available for 30 additional days post the live event for On Demand viewing.)

This last week prior to the event is crunch time and all of us at HSM are working around the clock to squeeze in as much as we possibly can into the 2 days the event takes place (we just added a surprise brand new mobile component to the event which was beautifully conceptualized and successfully launched in less than a week.)

Ok… gotta get back to business and finish the Webcast environment with the InXpo team (our partners for the Webcast technology.)

Hope to catch you at WIFNY either Offline or Online 🙂




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