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Innovation and the Workplace Speaker
Featuring: Jeanne Meister
When: Anytime – On Demand
Where: Your Computer
Fee: Complimentary

I just finished working on making this latest HSM Online Seminar available for Free for On Demand viewing.

Having participated in the webinar and viewed the event live – I highly recommend it for anyone working in an environment where there are people from different generations working together. The event truly brings into laser focus the differences between these generations and presents helpful suggestions on how to address the kinds of challenges that a multi-generational workforce presents. 
To register and view the event for free, simply visit this link or click on the orange button above marked Register.


Jeanne Meister is acknowledged as one of today’s most influential training professionals. She is the co–author of The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop, and Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today  and a founding partner of Future Workplace, a consulting firm dedicated to assisting organizations in rethinking, re–imagining and reinventing the workplace.

What you will learn:

A visionary thought leader, Meister has worked as an executive coach with Chief Learning Officers and Presidents of more than 200 different organizations in their quest to create or re–create corporate universities, learning and development solutions, and customized certificate programs.

• How to tackle the forces shaping the future of talent management
• Workplace 2020: 10 global forces and 5 generations at work
• Communicate, collaborate and connect: How to funnel the new demands of the workplace
• Managing tomorrow’s people: A mindset shift to social and collaborative learning
• Innovations to watch: Gaming for on–boarding, anonymous & group mentoring, and learning on mobile devices

Just installed yourls URL shortener PHP script on my domain glevy.me

I did this in part to be able to have my own vanity URL but also as a way to avoid the risk of having my 3rd party URL shortener service close shop (eg. popular URL shortener tr.im shut down) or have all my carefully crafted *.ly shortened URLs suddenly disappear.

Why would my *.ly URLs disappear?

It turns out that all domain names ending in .ly such as the ones used by URL shortening services bit.ly, vb.ly and ow.ly are actually registered and controlled by Lybian domain registry and the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

Because of their country regulations for domain registration, all websites running on a .ly domain must comply with Libyan Islamic/Sharia Law in order to maintain their domains. This has resulted in several high profile .ly websites shut down by the Lybian government.

The web is a global network connecting many different points and as such, when we do things online we are often playing and doing business in other countries. As such, as “virtual immigrants” in those countries we are subject to that country’s laws. With increasing globalization, online business development and international interdependence, this trend will only get more pronounced with time.

BTW, in case you are wondering, .me is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Montenegro which means that I’m not fully out of the woods by using glevy.me…

Still, at least for the moment, Montenegro doesn’t have any issues with the USA so my glevy.me domain and shortened URLs should be safe for the immediate future.  😉







I have been working with the HSM global team to roll out Yammer for the entire organization.

If you are not familiar with Yammer, it is an enterprise online social network which allows members of an organization to communicate, collaborate and share internally in an easy and secure interface that looks and behaves very similar to Twitter and Facebook.

Because people in general are by now so used to navigating and using Twitter and Facebook, I am discovering that the adoption curve for Yammer is extremely high and that it spreads almost automatically as people simply “know how to do the Facebook thing” and share and invite their co-workers.

Given that HSM has assembled a brilliant team with star players all over the world, having Yammer available provides another powerful tool for great minds to unite and create. If you have any experience in the corporate world since the mid 1990’s – Yammer takes the concept of the “Intranet” and brings it to the Web 2.0 world simply and beautifully – making it a product perfectly designed for today’s web workforce.

Yammer is already being used by over 100,000 companies and organizations, including over 80 percent of the Fortune 500 as a way to increase collaboration, break silos, promote communication and help drive company culture.

Working regularly with a global, highly connected but geographically dispersed team at HSM, I am the first to admit that even with the best of my intentions to stay in touch- sometimes I have a hard time keeping my remote peers “top of mind” all the time. With Yammer, I now have the power to see a regular feed of “what’s going on across HSM” with all of my colleagues and keep everyone informed of the items I am working on.

From my initial experience using the platform and the fact that I am already including it as part of several regular workflows – I am finding an almost immediate increase in productivity since Yammer allows all related parties to see what each person is working on, allowing me to eliminate unnecessary duplication of efforts across several parts of each process. As the tool continues to spread across HSM worldwide, I expect to see this increase in productivity continue to rise.
If you are still not on Yammer, I encourage you to do so. Joining is very easy… Simply visit Yammer.com and enter your work email. If anyone with your company’s email domain is already on Yammer, you will be able to connect with them. Otherwise, you will be able to send invitations to other people in your organization as long as their email address is @ your same domain name (this is how Yammer is able to group and authenticate all the people in an organization.) After people receive the invitation, they can simply accept and Yammer takes care of the rest.

Yammer is secure and free to use for the entire company.  It also provides a powerful desktop application and a mobile App (available in iPhone, Android and Blackberry) so team members can remain connected and productive wherever they may be.

Personally, I am hooked on Yammer and I’m jammin’ away as we roll it out worldwide.

How about you? Is your organization already on Yammer?

Artist Bob Marley and the Wailers performing Jammin’.

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imageJust got the Motorola Atrix 4G Smartphone on AT&T to replace my Blackberry Curve 8830 World  Phone.

As someone who relies and leverages a web enabled smart phone for every last possible detail of my everyday life, the Atrix is a true blessing.

Having been a loyal Blackberry user for over 3 years, I was hesitant to give up the Blackberry keyboard in exchange for your typical touchscreen display…

Typing on the Atrix screen however is not the same as typing on an iPhone. The Atrix comes standard with Swype which is a predictive text technology which allows you to type whole words by simply running your fingers over the screen and having the system interpret which words you wish to write… Having experienced the old T9  software in the early days of texting – Swype is light years ahead and by this point, I don’t miss the Blackberry keyboard at all.

Additionally, the lack of App selection for Blackberry was getting quite old. As an example, look around and everywhere you look retailers offer apps with an iPhone option and in most cases, they will now offer an Android version… Hardly ever for Blackberry.

My personal opinion is that much of the beauty of having a smartphone is having the ability to do more than simply make calls… and let’s face it – without a wide selection of good apps available… well… Then it’s just a plain ole’ dumb phone.


By this point, I’ve already installed my Kindle application, Google Goggles and various other Social Media must have Apps including Facebook, Twitter and Hootsuite. It’s only been a few days but I can honestly say I highly recommend this device.

As the first mobile device featuring the 1GHz nVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core processor, 1GB Ram, 16GB internal storage and various other high powered goodies, the Atrix feels and performs more like a pocket sized tablet device with phone capabilities than an actual smartphone.

Finally, another bonus of my Atrix- as an Android device, I now have the option to install Angry Birds

Something my Blackberry never let me do.


During last week’s Cloudforce event in Boston, Salesforce‘s CEO Marc Benioff stated that “branding in today’s world is a series of real-time conversations.”

As Vice President heading the online strategy for HSM and the World Business Forum, I constantly “keep my virtual ears” open for any mention of anything related to the HSM brand and all their events using a combination of tools including Google Alerts, HootSuite, SocialOomph, HubSpot and various others.

With the growth of social networks and people’s sharing on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, companies are increasingly paying attention to what people are posting and engaging.

Best Buy is engaging their customers with their Twelpforce (A collective force of Best Buy technology pros offering tech advice in Tweet form.)

Some are taking it to the next level…

Here are two beautiful examples of how “actively listening” to the real-time web is executed:

Dell’s Social Media Listening Control Room

(Photo Credit: ReadWriteWeb)


Gatorade’s “Mission Control” room

(Photo credit: Wall Street Journal)


In both cases, these companies have set up dedicated social media specific “listening rooms” with specialized equipment and dedicated staff whose duty is to monitor the web looking for opportunities to engage people who may be talking about their brands. Preliminary results posted by AdAge on Gatorade’s Social Media Mission Control state that since the launch of G-Series and Mission Control, discussions about sports performance have jumped to nearly 60% from 35% in April.  This statistic has been particularly important to Gatorade as it is trying to reposition itself as a sports performance innovator rather than simply a sports drink. By leveraging Social Media and actively joining the conversations around its brand – they are better able to steer the topic towards the topic they want to drive.

With the continued growth of Social Networks and a recent global survey on The State of Corporate Social Media by Useful Social Media, stating that 88% of US companies plan on increasing their budget for social media in 2011 – expect to see more of this type of active social media engagement by commercial brands.

HSM is very active on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and various other social media channels – and we have staff that actively listens to the conversations being carried on in real time around the globe in multiple languages. 

How about you? Are you currently monitoring the web for conversations around your brand? When someone posts a Tweet, a Facebook update or a Blog post about you, do you respond?

The web is talking about you… Are you listening?

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