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I just got back from day one of World Business Forum 2011 in New York City and found out that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has died at the age of 56.

I didn’t find out from TV or radio, I didn’t read the newspaper (happened just a few hours ago so it will have to wait until tomorrow’s edition), nobody called me to let me know…

I found out instead via Facebook from my friends.  This “finding out about major events such as the death of someone famous” from my social media circles, is becoming more and more common (news agencies know this and they’re struggling to keep up with the whole “real time web” phenomenon.)

After leaving comments tonight on several posts by friends of mine sharing the news, I left my own personal post where I could help “spread further the story” while sharing my own sense of loss with my friends around the world.

It’s amazing how social media enables this collective sense of loss and grieving while giving people a channel to express their emotions.

Steve Jobs is known to have said that one of his goals in life was to “put a dent in the universe.”

Today, the entire world is having to deal with his loss and accepting that the future will simply not be the same without Steve’s vision and innovation… With that kind of an impact on humanity, I say he definitely achieved that goal.

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs (1955-2011)


The 2011 World Business Forum kicks off today and we are opening it up to the world via the web in many ways. Join me and Blog along with some of the world’s top Bloggers who will be covering the event from the World Business Forum Bloggers Hub.

If you want to view the sessions on video, you can watch along via webcast:


You can also be part of the global World Business Forum conversation on Social Media at the following URLs:



(The event’s official Twitter Hashtag is #WBF11)

Check out Flickr for fresh photos:
Visit YouTube for fresh videos:

Looking forward to having you join us virtually during the event! if you do, please drop me a line – I’m @georgelevy

The 2011 World Business Forum kicks off on Wednesday October 5th at Javits Center North and I will be joining 30 leading business Bloggers at this year’s Bloggers Hub.

These featured Bloggers will be covering the event on their Blogs and Twitter and will be using the Hashtag #WBF11.

To help you follow all the action from the #WBF11 Bloggers Hub, I have prepared the list below with all the Blog details and assembled this #WBF11 Bloggers Twitter List with all their Twitter profiles.

I’m looking forward to another amazing Forum and hope you will follow us via the Bloggers Hub and on the Live and On Demand World Business Forum 2011 Webcast.

Here is the list of Featured Bloggers at World Business Forum 2011:

Stuart Miniman
Wikibon Blog
  Eric Markowitz
Inc. Daily
Daniel Leidl
Washington Post The Leadership Playlist
  George Levy
Dan Rockwell
Leadership Freak
  Tom Hoffman
Think Customers: The 1to1 Blog
Ken McArthur
Ken McArthur Blog
  Edith Orenstein
Financial Executives International
Jill Hart
Brain Logic
  Robyn Greenspan
ExecuNet Executive Insider
Mitch Ditkoff
The Heart of Innovation
  Jim Estill Time Leadership
Diane Berard
Les Affaires
  Ramon Ray
Paul Dunay
Paul Dunay
  Katherine Hypolite
Business Innovation Factory
Ruth Sherman
Fast Company Expert Blog on Leadership Communication
  Evelyn Pouget
The Heart of Innovation
Jenny Bai
Girls in Tech China
  Rebecca Eydeland
Girls in Tech China
Jonathan Fields
  Eli Stefanski
Business Innovation Factory
Dean Meyers
  Derek Halpern
Social Triggers
Braden Kelley
Innovation Excellence
  Mila D’Antonio
Think Customers: The 1to1 Blog
David Allen Ibsen
5 Blogs Before Lunch
  Susie Felber
HSM Inspire Blog
Monika Mitchell
The Economy of Trust

I came across this excellent infographic by the marketing folks at Microsoft tag showing how mobile marketing is taking off and where it is headed. I encourage you to look through this graphic and take in the data, putting it in context as to the impact all these new Smart Phones and mobile devices will have on the world of business globally.

Some of the figures I found most interesting in the graphic include:

  • There are 1,000,000 new iOS and Android devices activated daily.
  • Avg mobile app session is approx. 4.3 minutes vs. 1 minute for an average website session.
  • Mobile marketing advertising spend is increased 75% from 2009 to 2010.

Looking through our corporate web analytics, I can clearly see a dramatic increase in mobile visits to our websites. This effect has been going on for the past 2 years but has increased dramatically since the launch of iPad and other Tablet devices.

What do you think about this mobile revolution? Are you an active mobile web surfer?
The Rise and Fall of Advertising Media

The 2011 World Business Forum is in final preparations before the event takes place next week on October 5-6 at Javits Center North.

As part of the final details, I am coordinating the execution of the annual Bloggers Hub.

With a group of 25 top Bloggers covering the event live using Hashtag #WBF11,  this year’s event can also be followed remotely anywhere around the world over the Internet with the World Business Forum 2011 Webcast.


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