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If you manage a Facebook page, you may be familiar with Facebook Insights, the free service that allows page owners to track metrics and trends of the people using the page.

As Facebook describes the purpose of Facebook Insights: “By understanding and analyzing trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, Page owners and Platform developers are better equipped to improve their business with Facebook.”

The way I look at it Facebook Insights and the importance of any type of analytics and metrics measurement: If you can’t measure something – you can’t improve on it.

Still, until now – Facebook Insights reports have been pretty plain looking (see image below for the September Insights for a Facebook page I manage called “I Love Being Happily Married“)

As you can see, there is a lot of info but it’s not really “sexy and fancy-looking” – just plain dry data in a very straightforward look and feel…

This is all changing tha

nks to a new Social Media Analytics tool by Simply Measured.

With this new reporting tool, studying and sharing your metrics and analyzing trends is far more visually pleasing. As someone who regularly reports on the progress and status of various Social Media initiatives, these new reports are far more attractive in a Power Point presentation than the plain old white, gray and blue ones Facebook comes standard with.

More Features Including Competitive Benchmarking

Additionally, the new tool offers quite a bit more functionality than the free Facebook Insights service including the options to:

  • Track any public Facebook Fan Page
  • Capture all posts and comments with associated interactions and fan counts
  • Detailed engagement metrics per post and over time
  • Fan Page comment topic analysis by keyword
  • Competitive benchmarking

These detailed analytics above and beyond the basics in Facebook Insights allow for tracking any single Facebook Fan page, or combining multiple pages to compare performance and benchmark against competitors.

More on Simply Measured’s Facebook Page Insights Analytics tool at the link below:

New Free Report: Facebook Page Insights Analytics on Steroids | Simply Measured.


Do you have a Facebook page you manage? What are your thoughts on the Facebook Insights interface? Do you have a need for another metrics and analytics tool?


Yahoo! has recently launched a new Yahoo! MAIL VISUALIZATION tool (visualize.yahoo.com) which shows in real time how Yahoo! filters spam and routes email to their 302 million + users around the world.

The tool allows users to drill down on specifics about the mail patterns of different areas around the world as applied to their “on average 5.6 billion emails per day and 65,000 per second.” This massive global email volume is analyzed, crunched and displayed in real-time through this new Visualization tool.

Besides being a really cool toy to play with… One thing of interest that jumps out for eMail marketers is a function that “Reveals Blocked Spam.” This particular feature shows in real time an analysis of the 20.5 billion spam messages that Yahoo! Mail blocks per day from ever hitting their email system.

The Reveal Blocked Spam feature (see image below) is labeled as “Trending Keywords” and displays the number of Good (Delivered) vs. Bad (Blocked) keywords in the subject lines of the emails being processed.

Although the results are presented in real time and fluctuate constantly, a closer look at the results over a period of time shows a very interesting pattern.

Keywords which are regularly regarded or thought of by eMail marketers as triggering SPAM Filters such as:

Free, Prices and Save are getting through just fine and marked as GOOD (Blue keywords)

While perfectly “Safe” sounding keywords like:

Inside, Apartment and Looking are being marked as SPAM (Gray words)

Diving deeper into the live results with data over several days shows even more “Safe sounding” words getting blocked while seemingly innocent words are winding up getting shut out and non-delivered.

I invite you to go check out the tool at visualize.yahoo.com and see for yourself how Yahoo! Mail is being delivered around the world.  While you view the data, study the patterns and see how you may be able to apply this knowledge in your own campaigns (more on how FREE, F-R-E-E and other variations on subject lines are getting through can be found on this post at MarketingVox: Yahoo’s Visualization Tool Debunks Another Email Marketing Myth)

eMail Marketing Key Lesson:

Not all SPAM is caused by bad selection of keywords in subject lines.

This data reinforces the fact that keyword selection is not the only factor in determining whether an email gets blocked or not… Other factors come into play such as server reputation, volume of emails sent, SPAM complaints, repeated sending to non-deliverable email addresses and SPAM traps among others.  There are many elements involved in SPAM detection and when combined, they all have influence on the decision of an ISP to accept an email campaign or not.

Still, there is much valuable knowledge and data to be gained from this new FREE tool from Yahoo! Check out the tool for yourself and play around at the link below:

Visualizing Yahoo! Mail.


What do you think about this new tool? Are you surprised at the findings that “FREE” and other commonly regarded no-no words are perfectly safe to use in your eMail marketing message subject lines?

 Next week, New York City will become a Social Media fan’s paradise.

Not only is the Social Media World Forum coming to Javits Center on November 1-2 but the New York City chapter of the Social Media Club is hosting an international networking event on the evening of Wednesday November 2nd.

I will be attending both events so if you are planning on attending either – let’s meet! Just Tweet me @georgelevy and let me know.

If you haven’t registered for the events, you can do so below:

Social Media World Forum Nov 1 & 2 (Hashtag #SMWF)

Register Here

Enter discount code NYCBNG and receive 25% off the cost of registration for the workshops. There is also a free exhibition at the event which you can participate in at no cost or need to purchase anything.

Social Media Club NYC International Social Networking event


Register Here

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM (ET)

Roger Smith Hotel
Lexington Ave & E 47th St
New York, 10017

New Tampa, Florida-based startup Unthink wants to become everything that Facebook and rival Google+ are not.

“If we want to be free, we have to control our own communications…we have to claim that power,” Unthink CEO Natasha Dedis states. “The number one thing that had to be ‘un-thought’ about social media, is who does it belong to? We need to own everything that we put on our page. We can be as private or as public as we want, as long as it’s our choice.”

Unthink’s Inverted Advertising Model: Users choose a Corporate Sponsor

Unthink presents an innovative advertising model where user data is never sold to brands. Instead, users choose a brand to sponsor their page, by way of an ad dubbed “iEndorse.”

The ad model is described on Technology Media Publication Techcrunch as follows:

“The idea is that a user will select a brand they feel some affinity with, and will then become an advocate for that brand. Users who don’t want to select a brand have the option to pay for the service instead ($2/year).” (Complete Technorati Article at this Link)

Unthink puts a different spin on Social Networking from the Facebook and Google+ models we have gotten used to but…

Is there still room (or time) for yet another Social Network when the market is already so crowded?

What do you think? Are you thinking of opening your own page on Unthink?

Previously available as an invite-only Beta test, Unthink is now open and accepting new members at www.unthink.com

For more information on Unthink, check out the following story on Cnn.com:

Upstart Unthink wants to become the new anti-Facebook

On October 6th, Day 2 of World Business Forum 2011, I moderated a media panel announcing a brand new 3 day Business conference called C2MTL .

The featured panelists were Jean-François Bouchard, president of Sid Lee curators of C2MTL, Christine Osekoski, publisher of Fast Company, content partners of the event, and Nadia Lakhdari Content Director for C2MTL.

Bloggers Hub at World Business Forum 2011

A few of the Featured Bloggers at WBF11 from left to right: Diane Berard, Edith Orenstein, Mitch Ditkoff, Jim Estill, Ken McArthur, Stuart Miniman and Daniel Leidl.

The audience consisted of top business Bloggers from the WBF11 Bloggers Hub and various other representatives from the press covering World Business Forum.

C2MTL (the name is an acronym which stands for Commerce + Creativity in Montreal) is a new type of business conference which will be held in Montreal on May 22-25, 2012.

The event is curated by creative agency Sid Lee in partnership with content partner Fast Company, creative partner Cirque Du Soleil  and will be “Powered” by HSM Global (In the interest of full transparency, in addition to my role as VP Online Marketing for HSM Global, I am actively involved in the online marketing strategy and execution for C2MTL.)

During the session, Bouchard described C2MTL as:

“A completely new kind of annual global conference… one that explores the relationship between commerce and creativity and its potential to re-define business. Most business conferences follow the same tried-and-tested format. But C2-MTL aims to completely reinvent the conference experience, innovating the way we share information and build connections.”

Here is a brief “mood video” describing the event:

With an exceptional lineup of confirmed speakers including Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post (now president and editor-in-chief of the AOL Huffington Post Media Group), Michael Eisner (former CEO Walt Disney Group), Francis Ford Coppola(film director, producer and screenwriter – creator of the Godfather Trilogy and Apocalypse Now) – the three-day event will showcase the value of creativity and offer practical advice and work tools to make the most of it.

For more information on C2MTL or to register, you can visit the event website at C2MTL.com.  You can also download the C2MTL brochure at this link.

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