According to a recent survey by global strategy consulting firm L.E.K., two thirds of surveyed smartphone owners reported using their mobile devices to make purchases.

Additionally, of the over 1,600 smartphone owners surveyed, 80 percent of them had used their mobile phones to help them through a purchase decision process at least once in the past year.

The findings have deep implications for marketers and retailers.

With the whole world of online shopping possibilities, product reviews and price comparison options available immediately wherever there is mobile connectivity – today’s retailers and brands need to revisit and rethink their marketing strategy to adapt to today’s mobile connected customer.


In an interview with Mobile Commerce Daily, Alan Lewis, Boston-based vice president of L.E.K.’s retail and consumer products practice said “The biggest thing I found in the study was how wide spread mobile is to enable consumers to be better shoppers today – not tomorrow. Mobile is a key enabler of consumer purchases.

The complete L.E.K. Marketplace of the Mobile Consumer Survey Results are available for download at this link.

In the report, L.E.K not only presents the full findings of the survey, but they also present their interpretations of the results as well as suggestions on how retailers and brands may best adapt and prepare for the new smartphone powered consumer.

If you currently are involved in mobile marketing or are thinking of implementing mobile elements to your marketing mix, I highly recommend you take a look at the findings in this report.


Three Questions to Rock Your Mind:

1- What ways can you leverage smartphone connectivity to incentivize potential customers at the moment of purchase?

2- What mobile promotional activities are you undertaking to capitalize on today’s smartphone connected customer?

3- Can you leverage location based services such as Foursquare, Yelp and Facebook Places  in your overall marketing strategy?




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