As smartphones outsell PCs, hackers have set their sights on your mobile devices as the next frontier for viruses and Malware.

The well known IT management software and solutions company CA Technologies has been reporting in their blogs an increase in the number of smartphone Malware applications, particularly in the Android platform.

According to CA Technologies, “We have already begun to see a steady growth in the number of social engineering based Trojans for the mobile platform and we believe that only educating the users along with adequate software protection is the key to be safer from such Malware threats.”

I personally inspect every application I install on my devices and additionally use a mobile security application called Lookout. You can find Lookout at the Google Marketplace or online at this link.

For more information on how to protect yourself against Malware on your SmartPhone Android or Not, here’s a link to a very helpful article on 5 Ways to Fight Mobile Malware.