On October 6th, Day 2 of World Business Forum 2011, I moderated a media panel announcing a brand new 3 day Business conference called C2MTL .

The featured panelists were Jean-François Bouchard, president of Sid Lee curators of C2MTL, Christine Osekoski, publisher of Fast Company, content partners of the event, and Nadia Lakhdari Content Director for C2MTL.

Bloggers Hub at World Business Forum 2011

A few of the Featured Bloggers at WBF11 from left to right: Diane Berard, Edith Orenstein, Mitch Ditkoff, Jim Estill, Ken McArthur, Stuart Miniman and Daniel Leidl.

The audience consisted of top business Bloggers from the WBF11 Bloggers Hub and various other representatives from the press covering World Business Forum.

C2MTL (the name is an acronym which stands for Commerce + Creativity in Montreal) is a new type of business conference which will be held in Montreal on May 22-25, 2012.

The event is curated by creative agency Sid Lee in partnership with content partner Fast Company, creative partner Cirque Du Soleil  and will be “Powered” by HSM Global (In the interest of full transparency, in addition to my role as VP Online Marketing for HSM Global, I am actively involved in the online marketing strategy and execution for C2MTL.)

During the session, Bouchard described C2MTL as:

“A completely new kind of annual global conference… one that explores the relationship between commerce and creativity and its potential to re-define business. Most business conferences follow the same tried-and-tested format. But C2-MTL aims to completely reinvent the conference experience, innovating the way we share information and build connections.”

Here is a brief “mood video” describing the event:

With an exceptional lineup of confirmed speakers including Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post (now president and editor-in-chief of the AOL Huffington Post Media Group), Michael Eisner (former CEO Walt Disney Group), Francis Ford Coppola(film director, producer and screenwriter – creator of the Godfather Trilogy and Apocalypse Now) – the three-day event will showcase the value of creativity and offer practical advice and work tools to make the most of it.

For more information on C2MTL or to register, you can visit the event website at C2MTL.com.  You can also download the C2MTL brochure at this link.