I am currently working with the HSM team on a new business focused Online portal called WOBI which is being launched on February 29th.

WOBI, which stands for World of Business Ideas, is a new online content experience by HSM delivering inspiring ideas and other management content delivered through video, documentaries, articles and interviews.

The site will feature the most relevant and actionable business content, freely available to the world and organized into the following 8 broad themes that define today’s business agenda:

— Strategy

— Marketing

— Entrepreneurship

— Global Trends

— Leadership

— Innovation

— People

— Sustainability

WOBI will be refreshed and updated daily by a global team of editors and experts using content curated from over 20 years of thought leadership from the top global leaders featured in HSM‘s events, its magazines and ManagemenTV, HSM’s 24/7 Television Network. It will also feature chosen actionable ideas from leading global strategic content partners and the WOBI global user community.

I have been involved in and working on WOBI since its inception and using it daily while on Beta – it is truly a powerhouse of actionable ideas from people shaping the business world.

WOBI is launching soon –sign up to be notified via email at this link when the site goes live.