In my song “Wanted Dead or Online” I proudly proclaim to the world that “I shop for groceries… While I’m sitting home on chat.

At first glance, that line seems innocent enough… But it’s actually a heartfelt declaration and my own version of a Web Guy’s Super Hero Catch Phrase.

Now a confession… At the risk of sounding slightly delusional, I seriously believe that –

The Web Gives You Super Powers to Shift Time and Space.

Let me explain.

The simple act of shopping online for groceries, in my opinion, is nothing short of miraculous and one of the greatest innovations to have been unleashed on society during my lifetime.

Here’s the Secret to Shifting Time and Space using the Web:

Using the Web to shop online for Bread, Milk and Eggs is a perfect example of how the Internet allows me to “Time and Space Shift” the everyday act of buying groceries from:

A) The hours of operation of the supermarket (7am to 9pm fighting for a can of tuna with other shoppers.)


B) My preferred time and space… Calmly browsing through images of cereal boxes, usually at around 2am in my living room.

This is nothing shy of a true super power and I stand in awe at the impact and magnitude of that simple ability.

(Not to mention that I’m also usually chatting with others as I shift around other tasks on several browser windows… all while I’m putting my Organic Coffee selection in my virtual shopping cart. So effectively I’m in multiple places at once… How’s that for another Web Guy Super Power? That will be covered in a different blog post…)


Applying the “Web Super Powers of Time and Space Shifting” to Other Tasks.

Following the same approach on a quest to increase efficiency in my personal life – I am constantly seeking and trying to shift my necessary daily business tasks around in time and space to fit what works best for me.

The way I see it, my main objective in that quest is to leverage the World Wide Web to shift any process from:

A) The times and location that are convenient for the businesses offering the services or goods… ie. Their hours of operation and their physical locations.


B) What works best for me.


Besides grocery shopping online from my living room on my schedule, other such tasks I “Time and space Shift” include:

1 – Program and pay all bills and payments electronically.

2 – Write blog posts on WordPress in advance and schedule them to post on future dates

3 – Write and schedule Tweets in advance using a combination of Hootsuite and SocialOomph.

4 – Write my emails on Gmail then schedule to send them at a future date using Boomerang for Gmail.

5 – Order meals on in advance to arrive at my place after I get home from work.

6 – Pre-program a lunch order at a sandwich shop to be ready for me after a quick mid-day workout

7 – Write and schedule greeting cards to go out in the future

8 – Load up my Queue of movies to watch at Netflix

9 – Instantly download and read my favorite Book on my Amazon Kindle


The list goes on and is constantly growing as new options becomes available.

The same Time and Space Shifting powers apply to my professional life where I pre-program email campaigns including marketing automation auto-responder sequences of multiple communications… Each individually personalized to thousands of people all over the world and delivered precisely at just the right time.

As a matter of fact – by the time you are reading this post, I am sure there will be additional options which I’ll be exploring and seeing how to fit into my daily life.

Each of these pre-programmed, “Time and Space shifting” activities form part of the carefully orchestrated system I’ve developed that adds efficiency to my life, frees up precious time and quite frankly keeps me from going insane.

I love the Web…

Without these technological options, a huge portion of my time would be wasted standing in line at the supermarket or Video store, writing checks and buying stamps, picking out greeting cards from the limited selection at Walgreen’s, buying show tickets (see? I’d left that one out…)

I’m sure there are a lot of other opportunities to leverage the web for “Time and Space Shifting” that I haven’t included… Perhaps you know some?

Do YOU “Time and Space Shift” your life around?

BTW – just in case you were wondering, I’m currently writing this post on a rainy Saturday afternoon… But it will automatically post on Monday morning while I am enjoying my oatmeal and organic coffee which were both delivered to my door with just the click of a button.

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