I just got back from an informal meetup in a coffee house in SoHo for Ruby on Rails enthusiasts, in a group called Ruby Nuby.

Ruby Nuby is a Meetup Group dedicated to learning and sharing their knowledge on Ruby on Rails programming, related technologies and entrepreneurial skills in a collaborative, cooperative manner. The goal of Ruby Nuby is to teach Ruby on Rails skills to disadvantaged and at-risk youths.

If you are not familiar with Ruby on Rails, it is an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language and one of my personal areas of interest.

Ruby on Rails, “Rails” or RoR as it’s often called, is a rapid development language extracted by David Heinemeier Hansson from his work on Basecamp, a popular project management tool by web app development company 37signals which allows developers to quickly create and launch fully functional web applications. (BTW, I’m a big fan of 37Signals and if you have an entrepreneurial vein in you – I highly recommend reading “Rework” by its founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeir Hansson.)

Some popular websites built on Rails include daily deal giant Groupon, 43Things, Twitter (Note: Twitter has recently moved away from Rails to address some scalability issues) and Basecamp among many, many others. The Rails web development framework is a favorite among entrepreneurs and web developers as it allows for very quick development of robust, fully functional web apps.

Having come from a background working closely with and managing projects with PHP, ASP and Cold Fusion developer teams, I’ve found Rails so far to be a very intuitive and powerful framework to build new web apps on.

Although I still have much to learn about coding on RoR (I’m still a self-declared “Rails newbie”), I’ve found that having even a basic-level knowledge of how to code on Rails, it’s fairly easy to develop and launch a fully functional database-driven application.

I’m very excited about today’s meetup and I found it a great opportunity to meet other RoR programmers and talk Rails.

I am now burying my face in and devouring Agile Web Development With Rails by Dave Thomas and David Heinemeir Hansson (an absolute must which I highly recommend if you are learning Rails), and I definitely look forward to future opportunities to share with the NYC Rails community.

Are you a Ruby on Rails developer or interested in learning more about Rails in the NYC area? Leave a comment and let’s meet!




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