Email PhishingEpsilon, the largest email marketing services company in the world, reported on Friday that their systems had been breached and millions of customer email records had been stolen.

Among the companies whose email records were taken are many top brands including financial giants JPMorgan Chase, Barclay’s Bank, Citi, Capital One along with other well-known brands such as Tivo, Marriott Rewards, and Walgreens.

Although no credit card or personally identifiable information was stolen, this theft opens up the opportunity for Hackers to use the data to attempt more effective Phishing campaigns, since they are now able to personalize their false email communications.

To protect yourself from any of these Phishing attempts, be extra careful when taking action on any commercial email campaigns you may receive in the coming days, especially those that may ask you to click on any link or request that you provide any personal information.

In a world full of packed inboxes and little time, if a Hacker knows you are a specific bank’s subscriber and can send you an email pretending to be from that bank which addresses you by name, the odds that you will click inadvertently on a link and take action on what the email says are much higher.

For a more complete list of guidelines on how to protect yourself from Phishing emails, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection guidelines at:


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