I came across this video today put together by an organization called “The Fund for American Studies.”

The point this piece is trying to make is that “even in a lousy economy we all enjoy things, from smart phones to aspirin to air conditioning, that weren’t available to the world’s wealthiest people just a short while ago. And if we have access to something like the Internet, something that’s worth so much to us, we just might be richer than we realize.”

In other words, the Internet that we now take for granted as “almost free” is a luxury that only a few years ago would have been available only to the ultra wealthy.

The video presents a lot of different viewpoints as all types and variety of people present their subjective worth of the Internet to them… In my own case, there is simply no amount of money that I would take in exchange of giving up the Internet permanently (right along the lines of “Wanted Dead or Online”.)

What about you? How much would someone have to pay you for you to give up the Internet? $1 million? $10 million? More???