Leadership Blogger Dan Rockwell, AKA “Leadership Freak“, was involved in a massive auto accident this past Thanksgiving morning which almost cost him his life.

Due to the severity of his injuries, Dan was air lifted to the hospital from the accident scene in critical condition. I am glad to report that Dan is recovering and has already been given permission to return home from the hospital

However, in addition to the injuries that Dan sustained from the accident, he racked up a very large bill for medical treatments which are not covered by his insurance.

As a way of standing by and showing support for Dan, the Lead Change Group (a non-profit leadership development community promoting character-based leadership) has started a drive to get donations to help defray the costs of Dan’s medical expenses.

I have made my donation and I am asking if you will please  do the same for Dan. Funds will be directed to Dan through the Lead Change Group, and only a modest amount will be deducted to pay PayPal fees. The rest of the money will go directly to Dan to help with medical bills and ongoing expenses he faces as a result of his accident and injury.

All your gifts through the Lead Change Group are tax deductible.

For more on this opportunity to give back and help Dan through this challenging time with your tax-deductible donation, visit the following link:

A Chance to Make a Difference for Dan Rockwell | Lead Change Group.