World Innovation Forum 2011 is taking place next week on June 7-8 at the Best Buy Theater in New York City and the entire HSM team is working around the clock making sure we put on an amazing event.

As I type, I’m taking a quick break away from last minute preparations to publish this blog post. With an event the size of WIF11 (around 900 attendees) – there are many moving parts and individual elements which need to be work in perfect harmony for the live event to be a success.

Many of these components take place behind the scenes (cameras, speaker entries and exits, backstage interviews, video content on monitors, etc.)

For instance, at this moment I am actively working on customizing the virtual auditorium for the World Innovation Forum 2011 Webcast which will effectively open up the 900 people event to a worldwide audience who would otherwise not be able to participate due to travel constraints, budget or even scheduling conflicts (the Webcast is available for 30 additional days post the live event for On Demand viewing.)

This last week prior to the event is crunch time and all of us at HSM are working around the clock to squeeze in as much as we possibly can into the 2 days the event takes place (we just added a surprise brand new mobile component to the event which was beautifully conceptualized and successfully launched in less than a week.)

Ok… gotta get back to business and finish the Webcast environment with the InXpo team (our partners for the Webcast technology.)

Hope to catch you at WIFNY either Offline or Online 🙂