?????I had the distinct pleasure to moderate the HSM Online Seminar “Winning Through Focus: A Blueprint for Driving Profitable Growth” featuring Sanjay Khosla, President of Developing Markets at Kraft Foods.

Winning Through Focus is a strategy he co-developed and which was featured in a Strategy+Business article in August  2010 which he co-wrote with Mohanbir Sawhney

During the 60 minute online event, Sanjay explained the seven step methodology he used to transform the Kraft Foods Developing Markets Business from an underperformer into a $14 Billion a year juggernaut in only 3 years. As a result, Kraft Foods’ developing markets business is the growth engine for the company.

The seven steps of Winning Through Focus are:

  1. Discovery: Find Out What Works
    2. Strategy: Focus Through Lenses
    3. Vision: Find a Simple Hook
    4. People: Unleash the Potential
    5. Execution: Clarify and Delegate
    6. Organizations: Build Collaborative Networks
    7. Metrics: Manage Numbers and Tell Stories

In this complimentary HSM Online Seminar, now available for On Demand viewing at this link, Sanjay Khosla goes in-depth into each of the 7 steps of “Winning Through Focus.” After finishing his presentation, there is a 30 minute Q&A session where Sanjay answers questions from the global audience ranging from how he delivered his outstanding results in China and how he has leveraged Social Media in his efforts, to how he handled the global economic downturn and how to build high performing teams.

Sanjay also shared many of the valuable lessons he has learned, including the wisdom he has gathered from mistakes he has made over the years.

If you have not yet done so, I highly recommend that you register and view this On Demand webinar when you have 60 minutes available to invest in learning. It’ll definitely be an hour well spent.

Receive complimentary registration at the following link: