Today is the official launch day for , a project which I’m very excited to have been working on with the entire HSM Global team for well over a year, and something which I believe the entire business world will truly benefit from.

Wobi“, which sounds like “Moby” and is short for “World of Business Ideas“,  is a new platform powered by HSM which curates and delivers the best management ideas and practices across four distinct channels:


1. Events

2. Television

3. Magazine



You can also follow wobi on Twitter at and we are in the process of rolling out new wobi specific YouTube and Facebook pages.

Wobi’s mission is to build better businesses, better people and ultimately create a better world.

I hope you will enjoy and benefit from the site as much as I personally have been doing for the past months of website development, Beta testing and that it will become part of your overall professional development.

As you may imagine, there’s much work to do today as we roll out the new site… Meanwhile, I invite you to visit and browse through the regularly updated video library and content selection featuring the world’s top thought leaders delivering actionable ideas you can use.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a wobi launch party tonight which I need to get ready for at Yotel in Times Square New York City. If you are there, catch me in the Marketing themed room where I will be all night surfing the site and sharing all the great new features of

For media inquiries, please contact my colleague Stephanie Nowik at or call HSM at 212-317-9110.