One of the things I focus on when designing an online marketing campaign, is the fact that today’s web savvy consumers do not rely on a single channel when researching a product or service before making a purchase decision.

The Blurry Line Between Online Sales and Marketing, and the Offline World When Making a Purchase.

Once exposed to a product or service they may possibly be interested in buying, today’s customer will begin a type of “information exploration” to determine whether to buy said item or not and if so – where and at what point to do so.

In this process and in order to “make the best buying decision at the best possible price”, people will search for information in all sorts of places both online and offline:

– Web (ie. Online search, Facebook, Twitter, bulletin boards, forums, etc.)
– Peers (Friends, colleagues family, etc.)
– Reading magazines and other publications
– Visiting multiple physical stores for a demo of a product first hand

The list goes on…

Your Goal is to Become the Last Stop On This Expedition

Because of this tendency of customers to go on this expedition for information, an online marketer should always strive to be the final destination where the customer makes their purchase.

This means that your web sales landing page where the consumer has landed will be able to provide all the important information they are looking for, as well as answer all the critical questions they may have.


Your Site Must Close the Deal… Or Someone Else May Do it For You.

By the time your prospect winds up on your sales landing page, it is your website’s responsibility to take the place of all those other potential sources of information and then calmly, easily and successfully guide the visitor through the goal line and buying from you.

If your online sales process does not achieve the goal of answering satisfactorily all the questions and doubts your potential customer may have at the time of purchase – that customer will simply click away and make their decision to buy elsewhere…

Quite possibly from your competition.



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