Remarketing“Remarketing”, also known as “retargeting”, boils down to showing your ads to people who have engaged with your brand already.

Ever had that creepy “am I being followed” feeling?

You may have noticed while browsing the web a strange feeling that all of a sudden a brand you’re thinking about seems to show up everywhere.

In fact, you may have visited a brand’s website at some point in the past or searched for a product, and then all of a sudden you start seeing ads for that brand or product in all sorts of different places.

It’s almost as if you are being followed around by the brand and their ads just keep conveniently “popping up” in unrelated websites or your social media feeds.

Well, the truth is you ARE being followed (ie. you’re not crazy), and THAT is exactly what remarketing is.

Why remarketing is so powerful…

In one of my posts, I wrote about why it’s important to measure digital marketing ROI and why it separates successful marketers from people that simply “spend on marketing.”

In the post, I describe how “what you measure improves” and why it’s essential to track the activities of your visitors – along with the return on investment (ROI) that you get on your marketing campaigns.

Fact: Your website visitors are just not that into you.

When you get around to measuring how visitors behave on websites, you discover that the vast majority of those visitors do not convert on the first visit (across the board, 1st time website conversion rates average roughly 2%.)

This means that unless you have a way to keep bringing those customers back, you simply are trusting they will come back on their own to hopefully convert at some future occasion.

But let’s call a spade a spade – with all the competition out there both from competing brands and for other things claiming the attention of your website visitors, it is very possible that those 98% of visitors that left without converting may simply never come back to your website.

Enter remarketing

Remarketing works on bringing back the visitors you have already reached, and driving them all the way through a successful conversion.

In a nutshell, it gives you the tools to keep your brand top of mind and visible in front of your customer so they don’t forget you until they take action and convert.

Far better response rates

The average clickthrough rate (CTR) for a display ad is approximately .07% (yes… .07) – however, the average CTR for a remarketing ad hovers around 1% – a massive improvement.

Furthermore, the people who will click on your remarketing ads are visitors who have already engaged in some form with your brand previously. In other words, it’s not a “cold click” but rather a click from someone who already has engaged with your brand.

The Right Ad for the Right Audience

Add to the benefits of remarketing the fact that you can specify which audience you can target your remarketing campaign to and you have a truly powerful weapon in your arsenal.  For example, you can show your remarketing ads only to people who have already visited your shopping cart, or perhaps website visitors who have viewed more than 5 pages on your website – or maybe visitors who have signed up for your newsletter…

YOU select which audience sees your remarketing ads, as well as which ad to show them. For example, display an ad to sign up for your newsletter, a discount coupon for their purchase, etc.

All in all, remarketing is extremely powerful and it has the potential to make your marketing campaigns far more successful. So the next time you see an ad pop up and start following you around the web, don’t worry – you’re not just seeing things.

Have you already been using remarketing in your marketing campaigns? Is there any areas on remarketing that you would like me to cover in future posts?

Let me know in the comments!