Yahoo! has recently launched a new Yahoo! MAIL VISUALIZATION tool ( which shows in real time how Yahoo! filters spam and routes email to their 302 million + users around the world.

The tool allows users to drill down on specifics about the mail patterns of different areas around the world as applied to their “on average 5.6 billion emails per day and 65,000 per second.” This massive global email volume is analyzed, crunched and displayed in real-time through this new Visualization tool.

Besides being a really cool toy to play with… One thing of interest that jumps out for eMail marketers is a function that “Reveals Blocked Spam.” This particular feature shows in real time an analysis of the 20.5 billion spam messages that Yahoo! Mail blocks per day from ever hitting their email system.

The Reveal Blocked Spam feature (see image below) is labeled as “Trending Keywords” and displays the number of Good (Delivered) vs. Bad (Blocked) keywords in the subject lines of the emails being processed.

Although the results are presented in real time and fluctuate constantly, a closer look at the results over a period of time shows a very interesting pattern.

Keywords which are regularly regarded or thought of by eMail marketers as triggering SPAM Filters such as:

Free, Prices and Save are getting through just fine and marked as GOOD (Blue keywords)

While perfectly “Safe” sounding keywords like:

Inside, Apartment and Looking are being marked as SPAM (Gray words)

Diving deeper into the live results with data over several days shows even more “Safe sounding” words getting blocked while seemingly innocent words are winding up getting shut out and non-delivered.

I invite you to go check out the tool at and see for yourself how Yahoo! Mail is being delivered around the world.  While you view the data, study the patterns and see how you may be able to apply this knowledge in your own campaigns (more on how FREE, F-R-E-E and other variations on subject lines are getting through can be found on this post at MarketingVox: Yahoo’s Visualization Tool Debunks Another Email Marketing Myth)

eMail Marketing Key Lesson:

Not all SPAM is caused by bad selection of keywords in subject lines.

This data reinforces the fact that keyword selection is not the only factor in determining whether an email gets blocked or not… Other factors come into play such as server reputation, volume of emails sent, SPAM complaints, repeated sending to non-deliverable email addresses and SPAM traps among others.  There are many elements involved in SPAM detection and when combined, they all have influence on the decision of an ISP to accept an email campaign or not.

Still, there is much valuable knowledge and data to be gained from this new FREE tool from Yahoo! Check out the tool for yourself and play around at the link below:

Visualizing Yahoo! Mail.


What do you think about this new tool? Are you surprised at the findings that “FREE” and other commonly regarded no-no words are perfectly safe to use in your eMail marketing message subject lines?