ROCKS Digital Marketing FrameworkLet me begin this post by sharing with you a powerful lesson on how to increase sales which I learned from legendary marketing savant Jay Abraham.

There are really only three ways to increase sales:

  • 1. Find new customers to sell to.
  • 2. Sell more times to the customers you already have.
  • 3. Sell a larger total ticket amount each time you make a sale.


That’s it… Really.

In other words, any sales strategy or marketing campaign you develop to increase sales must accomplish one or more of those three things.

Enter Digital Marketing ROCKS

After years of having run repeatedly through the same process of designing and running digital marketing campaigns for products and services of all shapes and sizes, I analyzed how those three sales variables kept showing up at certain stages of the sales process. In other words – I began to see the pattern of what worked and what didn’t.

Armed with that knowledge of what made for a successful/profitable digital marketing campaign, I developed the “ROCKS Digital Marketing framework”.

Let me explain…

ROCKS is a simple five letter Mnemonic device describing the steps needed to increase sales in any digital marketing campaign.

The steps to be taken in order are:

  1. R. REACH New Potential Customers
  2. O. OBTAIN Contact Information and Permission to Market to Them
  3. C. CLOSE the First Sale
  4. K. KEEP Adding Value and Selling to the Customer
  5. S. SHARE and Tell Others

Increase sales


Following the “ROCKS” 5 step framework lays out the path that potential customers will take through the sales sequence, and keeps the customer coming back beyond that initial transaction to touch upon all three ways that maximize sales.

In other words, it’s a “Spinning Wheel” designed to increase sales, which once set in motion will be performed automatically by your website or digital presence (this includes mobile sites and apps as well.)

What is so different about this 5 step sales sequence?

The ROCKS 5 step sequence takes a different sales approach and presents a shift in mindset from the typical approach of 1) contacting a customer and 2) trying to sell to them right from the start.

Selling to Strangers is Tough…

Many marketing campaigns I come across expect to drive new prospects directly to a sales offer page or to the sales page in a shopping cart where they are asked to purchase a product.

This approach rarely works as it ignores the fact that upon first contact, the prospect knows very little (if anything) about you or your product. Beyond that, he or she probably doesn’t trust you, couldn’t care less about your sales offer, and the last thing on his or her mind is to open up their wallet and give you their hard earned money.


By following the ROCKS process, your marketing efforts are designed to REACH new customers, which you then OBTAIN contact information from and the permission to establish a regular communication with.

You achieve that by offering them something of value for FREE in exchange. It can be a downloadable report, a trial version (think limited-time trials for software), request a DVD or CD with information (think of those TV ads where they show a website and invite you to request your “Free DVD and Information Kit), the possibilities are endless…

After you have obtained permission from the prospect to contact them, you provide them with valuable information and offers until you CLOSE the first sale. At that moment, your prospect becomes a customer – but the process doesn’t end there.

After that initial transaction you KEEP in contact with and selling to the customer. (This is where marketing automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes and tools truly shine.)

You then find ways to get those new customer to help you SHARE the offer to more customers (ie. drive referrals/Invite a friend, etc.)

Which in turn refers you more new prospects which you REACH – and the cycle repeats itself.

Adding ROCKS to your Digital Marketing.

Here’s a tip you can use right away.

Take a look at one of your digital marketing campaigns and see if you have all 5 steps of the ROCKS Digital Marketing framework.

  1. R. REACH New Potential Customers
  2. O. OBTAIN Contact Information and Permission to Market to Them
  3. C. CLOSE the First Sale
  4. K. KEEP Adding Value and Selling to the Customer
  5. S. SHARE and Tell Others

If you happen to miss any of the 5 steps, think about how you could incorporate it into the sales process. Then, either modify the campaign or launch a second campaign with all 5 steps and compare the results A to B.

Come back here and let me know about the before-and-after results. I know you’ll have something to say!