Come Again Soon I had lunch last Friday at a fast food restaurant.

It was a great meal and the service at the location was phenomenal.

You could say that I was very pleased with the entire lunch experience. From the cleanliness of the place, to the staff, to the quality of the food.

Overall – it was a picture perfect lunch experience at a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR).

However, the reason I am writing this blog post has nothing to do with the food or the service I received but rather a sign that was on the door which I noticed as I walked out of the place.

The sign said “CASABO

My first thought was… “What does CASABO mean?”

Fortunately, there was a sentence below… “Come Again Soon And Bring Others”


So THAT’s what CASABO means… It’s an acronym for “Come Again Soon And Bring Others”


You see, I had seen in many places “Come Again Soon” and I had been invited to “Come Again Soon” many times before…

Only this time – I was offered to bring others.


The Power of Bringing Others

If you have been following my work for some time, you may be familiar with my ROCKS 5-Step digital marketing framework.

In ROCKS, the 5 steps are:

R – REACH New Potential Customers

O – OBTAIN Contact Information and Permission to Market to Them

C – CLOSE the First Sale

K – KEEP Adding Value and Selling to the Customer

S – SHARE and Tell Others

Click here for a full explanation of ROCKS.

If we apply the ROCKS marketing framework to CASABO and the meal I had today…

The restaurant would have found some way to capture my contact information, such as my email in exchange for some sort of offer.

Perhaps, have me sign up with my email address for them to send me a coupon for a free cookie on my next visit or some other goodie which I would trade for my email address.

Once the restaurant has my email address and permission from me to contact me with their marketing messages, they can reach out to me and remind me to visit them… or to “Come Again” as they describe it in the CASABO message.

Furthermore, they can send me email offers that will let me “Buy one meal and get a second one at half price” (or something similar) – which is a perfect excuse for me to “Bring Others” along with me on my next visit!

The ROCKS formula doesn’t just apply to email, it can be used with mobile marketing and they could send me text messages with special offers.

In summary… The CASABO concept is a very powerful marketing idea to get repeat visits from your customers (which as I always explain… is one of the only three ways to increase sales)

The next step in executing that concept more effectively is to tie in digital marketing and find a way to build a communication channel with your customers.

Once you have a way to establish that marketing regular communication with your customer base, the possibilities are endless to drive repeat business. You can also tie in other opportunities to capture more information for your customer and develop a database which will let you send birthday and anniversary offers as well as all sorts of other marketing communications.

You can do so by having them sign up to your email list, or visit your Facebook page , have them Follow you on Twitter or join you in any other social media platform.

In today’s interconnected and digital world, every business needs to find a way to connect with their customers to establish a long term business relationship… There is far too much competition out there not to be doing so.

Unfortunately, the restaurant didn’t do any of those things.

As a result, I may go back some day… or not. The service and the food were great but…

Oh wait a minute, I just received a text message from another restaurant offering me $5 off my next meal. I guess that takes care of where I’m doing lunch for today… You know, I might just call a friend to join me while I’m at it.

Now… about YOUR business.

How could you apply CASABO?

And better yet… How could you apply digital marketing to make your current customers proactively “Come Again And Bring Others” rather than passively waiting and hoping they’ll think about your business the next time they are hungry?

Image Credit: © hafakot/ Adobe Stock