Marketing NoiseWhenever people ask me what I do, I tell them that I work with organizations to produce “Breakthrough” digital marketing strategies that increase sales while reducing overall marketing costs.

I then explain how I accomplish that…

The Main Challenge I Solve: Breaking Through the “Marketing Noise Barrier”

Today’s customers are overwhelmed by competing marketing messages and offers coming at them 24/7 through all channels and from all directions.

Because of this constant marketing, many qualified buyers simply ignore and block the vast majority of commercial messages as “noise.” (Think kind of like applying a Spam or Pop-up filter to all interrupt marketing… it can be flipping channels, clicking to a different site, closing a browser window… add your own variation)

This effect which I call the “marketing noise barrier” results in reduced sales for businesses since previously effective marketing efforts including direct mail, print advertising, seminar and event marketing, point of sale, TV, Radio and other marketing investments no longer yield the expected returns.

To compensate for these diminishing business results, many organizations increase spending on the same ineffective marketing actions and “turn up their noise volume even higher” to try and improve sales performance.

Breaking Through the “Marketing Noise Barrier”

Instead of following the “old-and-easy”, yet ineffective, approach of simply “making more noise” by running more ads, sending out more marketing messages, placing more sales calls and other tactics in an attempt to force their prospects to pay attention – I instead work with these organizations to change the direction of their marketing and establish ways of attracting their audience to them.

This is achieved in many ways but one of the primary ways is by offering relevant, interesting and valuable content that their target audience is actually looking for and willing to share.

Once we Reach  the target audience, we leverage the power of the Internet, mobile and social media to Obtain permission to market to them and we then establish trust with each prospect individually in order to build a long-lasting, profitable business relationships with these buyers.

This integrated approach enables companies to cost-effectively “Break through all the marketing noise” and effectively reach interested customers when they are ready to buy.

I have successfully applied this approach on organizations both large and small, and across a wide range of industries to drive millions of dollars in revenues and deliver considerable increases in sales while reducing the companies’ overall marketing costs.

I encourage you to give it a try for yourself and you will be able to see why this approach is so effective,

Three Questions to Consider:

1- Are you currently running offline and online marketing campaigns separately or are you following an integrated approach?

2- Does your organization have any content offerings that your target audience may find valuable and is currently searching for?

3- Can you find examples of “marketing noise barriers” in your specific industry? If so, who is the worst offender? Is it you? Is it your competitors?