best article writing serviceDigital marketing takes a steady stream of content, often more than any one single person can write. As a result, many digital marketers including me, use an article writing service to create additional blog posts and articles to publish regularly. But, with so many options for outsourcing services available, which is the best article writing service?

The Best Article Writing Service

As with any type of outsourcing task, using an article writing service comes in many different qualities and price points. You can outsource a short blog post or article of less than 300 words all the way to writing a whole book. You can also determine if the writer that works on your article is a premium level writer (at a higher fee) or if you can settle for a more basic writer, someone who may get the job done but you may have to correct some spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Language Is a Big Issue
Given the fact that many of these writing services are outsourced and produced outside of the United States, the level and quality of the English writing skills can vary greatly. On the flip side, the international nature of these outsourced writers means that you can often get superior writing in foreign languages as the writers will be writing in their native tongue. I’ve gotten some amazingly well written Spanish language content for several projects I work on across Latin America and the US Hispanic market.

I write this recommendation today from personal experience as I regularly use article writing services to help supplement my writing and produce original, quality content for the numerous other blogs, dating for marriage websites and affiliate marketing destinations I run for AmiJoy, including, and

So which is the best article writing service in my opinion?

Of the many article writing services I’ve used, I’ve had the best results at the most affordable prices at Fiverr and iWriter

Here are the links to the article writing services for each of the two options:



Why I believe these are the two best article writing services:

With Fiverr, all gigs start at $5 and the site gives you full visibility of the feedback left by previous customers who have used the writers writing services. I regularly use Fiverr for many outsourced tasks and have had excellent results with the work I’ve received. At a $5 starting point, it’s definitely worth the risk and once you find a good provider for a service – you can always go back to that person to request future services.

There are no options to define the niche or topic for the article you are seeking to write so there really isn’t a way for you to fully know if the Fiverr writer you are hiring to write your article can deliver a well researched article. Still, at $5 and for basic level articles that don’t need much research – Fiverr is a great, cost effectve option.

Click Here for the Article Writing Section on Fiverr

iWriter has multiple price points for article writing based on the quality level of the writer you hire and the length of the article you are seeking to write. With prices ranging from $1.25 for a 150 word article from a basic level writer, all the way to $40 for a 2,000 word from the best writers – there are many options which you can tailor to your own needs depending on what’s required.

I find that with iWriter, I’ve had the best results with 500-700 word articles at $10 – $12.50 each

Additionally, when you put in a request to get content, you specify on the content request form the category for the article you are seeking to get written.

Many of the writers who write for iWriter specialize on specific niches and as a result will jump at the opportunity to write about a topic they are well researched on.

I’ve had excellent results with all types of topics on articles written by iWriter writers, even on articles requiring specialized research on topics such as Fertility and Women’s health which are covered on the site my wife runs called

Overall, I believe the best article writing service is the article writing service that can deliver what you need, when you need it and at a price point that makes sense.

I’ve presented you the two that I personally use on a regular basis to create additional content above and beyond what I can produce by myself. Give either of these article writing services a try and see how they can give you a steady stream of new, original content for your digital marketing efforts.