My Web Development team is currently working with a client on designing and developing a new website for his business.

The Shift to Mobile is Upon Us

With this client, a business owner of a chain of stores with multiple physical retail locations, mobile is a huge factor. Many of his clients walk by his stores and in many cases just keep walking. The ability to be able to capture and effectively grab the attention of these moving potential customers while they’re out and about, delivering the valuable information for his stores can mean the difference between getting a new customer, encouraging a repeat visitor, or outright losing out to a competitor that is better prepared.

Think about how this shift is impacting the world around you…

More and more people spending all their time glued to their mobile devices, viewing the web, accessing their Facebook, performing searches on Google, viewing online videos on their smartphone… The entire world is going mobile and if you are a business owner – you better be ready to adapt to this seismic shift. Going further, your web presence better be ready to service your mobile customer’s needs… or your competitor will.

Why RWD is such a big deal.

Responsive Web Design, or RWD as it’s commonly called, is an approach to web design in which a website is designed and built to work as efficiently as possible across a large range of devices including desktops, laptops and smartphones.

RWD sites are typically very easy to read, with minimal resizing or need for scrolling and provide an optimal viewing experience across all types of devices. In essence, a well designed Responsive Web Design site will work anywhere, anytime and on any device.

We are currently building this client’s website applying RWD web design and as such, the site will be accessible and perfectly viewable across iPad, iPhone, all types of mobile devices including Android, Windows, Blackberry, as well as all types of desktop computers and laptops. RWD makes this possible and my development team is very excited to be able to offer this valuable capability to our clients.

Offering a full range of web development and digital marketing services, the G & Y Associates and Breakthrough Digital Marketing web development team are experts in all types of website development. We see first hand how web traffic is moving more and more towards mobile devices, and how eCommerce transactions are being conducted from a wide variety of mobile devices.

Are you ready for mobile?

We see a massive movement in companies adapting their websites and online presence to accommodate to the new mobile space. Working regularly with clients in updating and redesigning their websites, I can vouch for the big difference that is experienced by these clients in their online analytics and success metrics when they shift their website presence to accommodate mobile. There is a marked improvement in engagement metrics including lower bounce rates, higher times on page and increased conversions. RWD really is a big deal.

Have you already optimized your online presence for mobile? Is your web presence ready for viewing and accessing across all types of devices?

Let me know in a comment below and please share any questions or observations you may have about Responsive Web Design and optimizing for mobile.

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