Facebook is rolling out a new series of targeting options for their display ads that will enable advertisers to more effectively reach and target Facebook users that may not be fans of their pages.

These new display ad targeting options, originally reported by InsideFacebook.com, will enable advertisers to show and target their display ads to users based on their email address, phone number and their user ID.

The opportunity of being able to display ads targeted to users based on their email address, phone number and other database and CRM Data is commonly known as “CRM Retargeting“, and has been available for some time in other large portals beyond Facebook but it is a new offering for the social network.

CRM Retargeting on Facebook based on email and telephone number makes perfect sense as it will allow brands to display their ads to more engaged prospects, and customers who are already on their CRM, email and telephone proprietary databases – but may not necessarily be their fans on Facebook.

How it all ties in

A good practical example of how this new type of targeting would be beneficial would be running a display ad campaign targeting a company’s list of email subscribers, with a call to action to Like a company’s Facebook page.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, in a test case from a select group of advertisers already using these targeting options, “a financial services company sought to convert current customers into fans of its Facebook page; the brand ended up doubling its fan base at a lower cost-per-fan than ever before.”

New options can be “layered on” for more precise targeting

For even more advanced targeting, these new options can be layered on top of the other available Facebook ad targeting options of age, gender, interest, location, etc.

By being able to have this additional level of precise targeting, advertisers who may have limited information on their databases such as just having an email address, will be able to run targeted display ad campaigns that fit the profile of their ideal customer against their list of email addresses.

In a related article about these new targeting options, ADWEEK presents the following potential use scenario:

“Having observed that a majority of its customers are women who live in affluent neighborhoods, a luxury retailer, for example, could then create a list featuring customers for whom it has only an email address or phone number and target them with Facebook ads geared towards women interested in jewelry and traveling.”

I’m “all in” on these new targeting options…

As a direct marketer who regularly works with databases in the millions of records, and which often usually only contain a name and an email address, having the option to cross the list with the other targeting options opens up a new world of advertising possibilities.

This is a great move by Facebook and I can’t wait to implement these new CRM Retargeting options in a digital marketing campaign.

How about you?

Are you currently running display ad campaigns on Facebook?

Do you plan on using these new targeting options? If so… how?


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