In music, the silence between the notes being played is just as important as the notes themselves.

Without the right rhythm and combination of sounds and silences, a song will simply be a long stream of babbled noises.

The same thing applies to online marketing.

However, with the pressure of delivering on a sales objective and especially when sales are coming along slower than expected, the initial instinct of many marketers is to turn up the volume in the marketing activities they are already performing to attempt to drive sales. In other words, in an attempt to “muscle through additional sales” they start to simply “Make More Noise.”

Making More Noise

“Making More Noise” can take many shapes depending on the situation… It can be:

  1. Sending more sales emails
  2. Tweeting more sales messages
  3. Posting more sales offers on Facebook
  4. Sending more direct mail sales pieces
  5. Placing more sales calls
  6. Running more sales ads…

The list goes on…

There’s only one problem with this approach.

There comes a point when all this additional noise you’re creating works against you and you simply start turning people off.

Enjoying the Silence

There is a space I like to call the “Silence between the notes” which is a critical space in the sales process which can make or break a sale if played incorrectly.

Let me explain by using an example:

If you are at all familiar with email marketing, you’ll know that simply sending an email campaign to a list does not translate into immediate sales transactions. Although email can get your message to your audience in a matter of moments, it’s up to the recipient whether to buy or not, and if so when to make that purchase.

In other words, an email you send today with a special offer can generate a sale several weeks from today as the recipient was simply not ready to make the purchase at that moment.

As an example, think of an offer for discounted plumbing services. Unless your customer’s toilet is broken or they have a leak to fix, odds are they won’t be buying immediately but bust a water pipe and you can be sure that customer will be calling you ASAP.)

As such, it’s the space or “silence” between the marketing actions where most of the actual sales take place as it is the space where the customer is making the decision to make their purchase or not.

Staying Top of Mind Without Being Too “Pushy” or “Hard Salesy”

It is in this period of “silence” between the “notes”/marketing messages you’ve sent to the customer that your role shifts from “pushing the sale” to “supporting the process” and staying top of mind.

Once you’ve done a thorough job of pushing your marketing messages out to your audience – keep in mind that there is a certain amount of time that a customer will take before making a buying decision. This amount of time will vary depending on the product or service you are selling. It is this “silence” that makes marketers sometimes feel uncomfortable but mastering this discomfort is critical to your sales success.

When faced with this uneasy feeling, remember the “silence between the notes.” That is the waiting period between marketing messages leading up to the purchase is just as important or in many occasions even more important in the buying process of your customers.

Three Questions to Rock Your Mind:

1- Are you guilty of “Making More Noise” in your own marketing campaigns?

2- When sending out email campaigns, do you look at your performance metrics to see who has opened, clicked or taken any type of action on your communication?

3- What non-selling steps can you implement to support your customers within that “silent” space between marketing messages?


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